Senior leaders talk ethics during virtual training

By Michael L. Jones DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs


The Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime’s Legal office sponsored a scenario-based virtual ethics training session Sept. 14. The session featured a panel discussion crafted to help associates empower and position themselves to make the right decision when challenged with an ethical dilemma.

The panel included the DLA Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. Kristen Fabry and her leadership team. Joining Fabry were Land and Maritime Deputy

Director Kenneth Watson, Acquisition Executive Mark Brown, Chief of Staff Air Force Col. Samuel Payne, Jr., and Operations Director Griff Warren.  Each panel member discussed specific ethical issues faced during their careers and actions taken to navigate the situation.

An overview of the DLA workforce’s ethical responsibilities was provided to begin the training. The overview linked the importance of ethics in performing daily duties and how incorporating the ethics-based decision-making model provides guidance throughout the process.

Fabry spoke about Hatch Act dilemmas that face members of the Department of Defense workforce. Watson touched on gifts, Brown focused on applications of the Procurement Integrity Act, Payne discussed decisions made relating to travel and Warren covered potential issues that might develop through outside employment.

An attorney from Land and Maritime’s legal office moderated the training and explained how using the ethical decision-making model would have provided these leaders with assistance to help reach an appropriate ethical decision. 

Questions like can you do a particular action or activity versus should you engage in it. Is it right for the government? A point of interest for all included during the overview was the understanding that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

Extended feedback and insightful questions from the audience followed each speaker’s scenario discussion.

Associates can watch the video here.