News | Nov. 21, 2020

Team recognized for helping Army commands divest during pandemic

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions a Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services team showed their strong partnership with U.S. Army Forces Command as they met the command’s critical and essential disposals across 27 installations, earning a DLA Strategic Goals Award for the 3rd Quarter.

According to the award nomination, team members “went above and beyond to ensure mission success laden with constraints” that included personnel shortages, receiving and transportation challenges, reduced operations and increased health and safety measures.  Distance was also a factor since the installations were spread across the United States.

The team included leaders from all of the DLA Disposition Services regions based in the continental United States plus personnel from larger sites in those regions. Records show the managed a rapid surge from 16,000 to 53,000 pieces of excess, helping FORSCOM achieve a 77% completion of fiscal 2020 excess reduction goals and a 30% completion of fiscal 2021 goals for DLA Disposition Services’ workload. 

VIDEO | 01:01 | Loading excess at Fort Stewart

Army Maj. Gen. Kurt Ryan, FORSCOM’s deputy chief of staff for logistics, expressed his personal gratitude to DLA Disposition Services leaders in a note that said, “You are flat getting it. Keep the pedal to the floor.”

Similar gratitude was expressed locally at sites like Fort Bliss, Texas, where team members supported the 1st Armored Division’s June 30 divestiture event where 1,436 pieces of FORSCOM equipment was processed.  Additionally, the team processed an additional 1,366 pieces of equipment above and beyond the FORSCOM projection, which resulted in 2,802 total pieces of excess disposed at this location. 

Army Lt. Col. T.J. Naylor told the DLA Disposition Services area manager at Ft Bliss that the team there “did a great job … and 1AD is very appreciative of the efforts and professionalism.”

“We are also proud that our sites around the globe continued providing the same world-class mission critical support to all our customers during this timeframe,” said DLA Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon.