News | Dec. 7, 2020

Energy liaison puts pieces together in the Agency’s Synchronization and Operations Center

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs

Teresa Hass said working in the Defense Logistics Agency Synchronization and Operations Center at DLA Headquarters on Fort Belvoir, Virginia, helped her see how all the pieces fit together in the DLA jigsaw puzzle. 

Hass, a financial analyst in the Energy Finance Liaison Office, is the first civilian to serve in this capacity for DLA Energy and said the experience has broadened her understanding of the DLA mission. 

“For the past nine years since I joined DLA, I was only focused on my small piece of the puzzle in DLA Energy,” Hass said. “Working in the ASOC helped bring the larger DLA mission alive and gave me more meaning to my duties and future roles in the agency.”

The ASOC is charged with fusing information from across DLA supply chains and providing centralized awareness of business and operations functions. It is comprised of representatives from each of DLA Staff Offices as well as DLA Regional Commands and Major Subordinate Commands. 

“The Energy LNO is our representative that communicates what we bring to the overall Agency,” said the DLA Energy Chief of Staff Army Col. Robert Rochon. “Those selected to serve in the position develop a heightened awareness of the breadth of DLA operations and help synchronize DLA, not only during crises, but also throughout our day-to-day operations.”

For the past three months in the ASOC, Hass has had the opportunity to work and interact closely with people all around the world. She said the level of support both up and down the chain was outstanding. 

“Senior leadership always let me know they appreciated me stepping up to the plate and were open to any recommendations and ideas I had about how to develop the ASOC Energy LNO role,” Hass said. “And the comradery in the ASOC between the LNOs and the military has been truly outstanding.” 

She said stepping in to the role was like her tandem jumps from an airplane.

“On my first tandem jump out of an airplane, I was so scared and all I wanted was my feet back on the ground,” she said. “Now that I’m into my second month in the ASOC, it’s like my second tandem jump where we summersaulted out of the door and I even did a little steering.”

Now in her third month in the ASOC, she is getting more familiar with her role.

“I put myself in to an unknown which built up my confidence personally and professionally,” she said. “At the end of my rotation, I will leave having a better understanding of my role in DLA as a whole and more specifically in Energy.” 

The DLA Energy ASOC LNO is a four-month rotation; Hass is scheduled to rotate out with another employee in December. 

In early November, Rochon sent an email the workforce asking for volunteers to serve next. After only a few weeks, he said there was overwhelming interest in this position. 

“It was very impressive to see the amount of people who were willing to step up and represent Energy at DLA Headquarters,” said DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Jimmy Canlas. “Special thanks to the supervisors and directorate leadership for their support in allowing these talented individuals to apply for the opportunity to represent DLA Energy at the highest levels.” 

If you are a DLA Energy employee and interested in this position, stay tuned for emails announcing the next solicitation in the spring.