News | Feb. 10, 2021

Leading the way: Pacific Leadership Academy

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs

Two Defense Logistics Agency Energy East Pacific employees graduated from the Pacific Leadership Academy Senior Leaders Class of 2020 in Honolulu, Jan. 29. 

John Reed, a management and program analyst, attended the Senior Leaders program. Inventory Management Specialist and Contracting Officer's Representative Tony Scales attended the Emerging Leaders program.

“The courses help John and Tony learn more about themselves, gain a better understanding of governmental organizations and – most importantly – build upon leadership competencies that will continue to enhance their future learning and federal service,” said Ralph Wells, DLA Energy East Pacific Deputy Director. 

The two programs offer a series of managerial/leadership competencies, knowledge, skills and behavior that are critical for success based on research done by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

As part of the curriculum, Reed developed an Individual Action Plan to improve the Wake Island ground fuel resupply to improve fuel storage and reduce recurring costs. His concepts were incorporated into a $1.2 million multiple fuel facility repairs project that is currently in the design phase. The anticipated savings accrued after completion of the project will help fund future sustainment, restoration & modernization programs. 

“The Senior Leaders program was full of unique experiences, allowing me to improve as a leader in government,” Reed said. “My biggest takeaway was the leadership academics. I gained insight on essential skills in critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal relationships to better lead teams for organizational success.”    

As part of his coursework, Scales developed a Defense Fuel Support Point transportation service contingency operation plan. The plan covers “cradle to grave” operating procedures when emergency fuel support is needed outside normal working hours. The plan offers “around the clock” support when emergency requirements exist and minimizes or eliminates the need for overtime compensation.

“The Emerging Leaders program gave me the opportunity to collaborate with personnel from federal agencies and future leaders of the warfighters we support,” Scales said. “The hands-on leadership scenarios helped me gain insight into other leader’s thought processes and garner solutions to challenges.”     

As a result of COIVD-19 safety practices, the 2020 Pacific Leadership Academy program was modified with distanced learning. Students and instructors used virtual training applications to cover coursework and complete assignments. 

The Pacific Leadership Academy is an annual program of the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board. Started in 2003, the Academy has graduated more than 1,000 mid-to-senior level fellows and is designed to meet the leadership development needs of selected federal professionals who work in federal government organizations in the Pacific Rim.