News | Feb. 23, 2021

Air Force Major earns DLA Logistics Readiness Award

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs

Recognized for his outstanding contributions to the success of the Air Force and Department of Defense missions, Air Force Maj. Charles Morton was selected as the DLA Air Force 2020 Individual Logistics Readiness Award winner.

“To receive recognition as an individual Air Force member in a joint environment is a truly high honor,” Morton said. “It signifies I have represented my Service well while working with other Services, commercial partners, and federal agencies in executing our ever-important bulk fuel mission set. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Morton has been the recipient of five agency awards, including DLA Field Grade Officer of the Year in 2019.

Recently named the deputy director for Mission Support for the DLA Energy Americas East region, Morton manages 842 product accounts and $2.6 billion in fuel contracts to support fuel requirements for the warfighters, federal agencies, and other customers as well as for contingencies, civil authorities in emergencies, and inter-agency activities and exercises. 

DLA Energy Americas East is the largest of three sub-regional offices for the DLA Energy Americas region. The area of responsibility consists of 37 states from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast, as well as locations in the Caribbean and Central Americas.

When national emergencies strike, Morton ensures the Federal Emergency Management Agency has the fuel it needs for first responders to conduct response, relief and recovery efforts. Morton and his team identify sources of fuel supply to support diversified missions including historic flooding in the Midwest, hurricane or winter storm recovery, and deployed personnel to the Southern border. When the U.S. President travels, it’s Morton who ensures the security of the fuel overseeing 98 secure fuel missions in the past year. 

In addition to the Logistics Readiness Award, Morton has been named DLA’s field grade officer of the quarter twice, was the DLA officer of the year in 2019, earned a strategic goals award, the DLA Director’s personal award, and was recently selected for the DLA Executive Development Program in Advanced Logistics and Technology.

“Maj. Morton is the epitome of our core values,” said DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Jimmy Canlas. “He is a leader, a professional, technically proficient and dedicated to his service and mission. We are lucky to have him on the DLA Energy team.” 

Morton credits the DLA Energy Americas workforce and especially his Americas East “family.” 

“They are consummate professionals and some of the most dedicated folks you could meet,” he said. “I’m constantly in awe of their expertise and deep desire to deliver energy effects for the warfighter.”

As a military officer working in a civilian DoD agency, Morton said the experience has been “eye opening.”

“When helping execute the day-to-day flying mission at an Air Force base, it’s difficult to appreciate the higher-level supply chain delivering those key commodities to take care of people and the mission,” he said. “My perspective aperture has opened widely, and I’m excited to potentially bring my experience and knowledge gained from DLA to a warfighting command in the future!”

Morton will go on to compete in the Air Force District of Washington level of competition.

“Please help me in congratulating him on his amazing accomplishment,” Canlas said. “Well done Maj. Morton and good luck at the next level of competition!”