News | March 16, 2021

New approach helps avoid backlogs

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services site at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, cleared a hurdle Feb. 28 when the last two mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles from a large backlog were cut up for disposal.

Site Chief Eric Reich said the MRAPs being demilitarized were part of a mass turn-in more than a year ago that created a 160 vehicle back up for disposal. Reich said manpower and other factors also played a part.

“We have opened a fourth plasma cutting bay,” Reich said. “It allowed the cutting of 6-10 vehicles per week at our site.”

Reich said changes in processing will help keep up with demand.

“With the number of units rotating out, the next generation of MRAPs being fielded and the amount of equipment to be demilitarized we are in process of being granted an exception to standard procedures to start cutting in 48 hours after receipt rather than wait the 14 days,” Reich said.

Army Lt. Col. Jason Logan, DLA Disposition Services’ Central region director, explained how reducing the wait time from 14 days to 2 for large turn-ins of more than 180 helps with different types of vehicles.

“While the demilitarization for newer generations of MRAPs like the MAXX-Pro and RG31s can take up to two days to complete, older up-armored Hummers should take less than a day,” Logan said.

Controlled items like an MRAP require demilitarization to render them incapable of being used for their intended purpose. It helps protect troops from having items going through disposal from being used against them. Scrap materials from the process are sold to help return funds to the government.