News | March 23, 2021

New agency video highlights Pennsylvania property disposal

By Jake Joy DLA Disposition Services Public Affairs

The Defense Logistics Agency’s video production team recently released a 4-minute promotional video highlighting the property disposal mission at DLA Disposition Services Susquehanna, in central Pennsylvania.

The Susquehanna site is one of the largest sites for military property disposal and reuse in the entire global enterprise. As a hub site, it receives used and excess property from military commands across the Northeast and allows a wide variety of qualified reuse customers – federal, state, municipal and non-profit organizations – to screen and requisition used goods and equipment at little to no cost.

The “Logistics On Location” series video includes interviews with site leadership, customer trainers, and even local law enforcement reuse customers.
Closed Captioned and Open Captioned versions of the video are available on YouTube.

Please note that Defense Logistics Agency firewalls (and those of some other DOD systems) will block YouTube access. Interested viewers are encouraged to watch on a personal device.