News | April 8, 2021

Pacific Fury 21.2: An exercise in One Team, One Fight

By Marine Lt. Col. Troy Johnson, Operations Chief, DLA INDO-PACIFIC

In January and February, logistics planners from various Defense Logistics Agency entities Logistics Operations, Energy, Aviation, Land & Maritime, Troop Support, Distribution and Disposition Services converged upon the DLA Indo-Pacific Synchronization Operations Center at Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii, to formulate the nucleus of the DLA Indo-Pacific concepts of logistics support to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Tier 1 Exercise, Pacific Fury 21. The Hawaii DLA team was supplemented by planners from DLA Energy South-West and Energy Japan to establish the DLA Liaison/Forward Coordination Element to United States Forces Japan at Yokota Air Base, Japan. 

Together, the DLA Indo-Pacific team coordinated timely and relevant scenario-based sustainment, supplies, services and expeditionary capabilities in support of the Joint Force Maritime Component Commander, Joint Force Landing Combat Component, and Joint Force Air Component. Pacific Fury demonstrated DLA’s collective ability to plan and execute at the operational level-of-war/logistics in concert with both the Combatant Command and Service Components, and further underscored the significance of the regional command’s emergent role in the Chief of Naval Operations’ “Transforming Naval Logistics for Great Power Competition.”

For two weeks of exercise execution, the team, comprised of uniformed and civilian professionals, operated a 24-hour battle rhythm validating the ability to enable a regional command and control that synchronized the Agency’s agile capability to meet the demands of a regional Combatant Command/Tier-1, Combined, Bilateral Command Post Exercise.

Navy Captain Jason Adams, DLA Indo-Pacific Commander acknowledged the team’s collective contributions to exercise, underscoring both the exercise and region’s relevance to the National Defense Strategy, stating “DLA Indo-Pacific exists to be the “single point of contact” in the Region for INDOPACOM, as well as the Sub-Unified Commands and Components. Through our contributions in PAC FURY and other events, we get an opportunity to not only highlight DLA support to the Warfighter, but it allows us to understand current and future challenges that the warfighter has, so we can help them shape their requirements.”

“DLA has a critical role to play in the Joint Logistics Enterprise. Events such as PAC FURY really showcase how DLA can provide support solutions to the Combatant Commander and the Service Components. Being forward deployed with the warfighter allows DLA IP to leverage the entire DLA workforce and provide warfighter context, to affect outcomes,” Adams said.  Adams thanked everyone for their collective professionalism, expertise and value-added inputs that ensured the successful execution and outcome of the exercise.

Exercise augmented team members included  Navy Capt. Jason Adams (DLA INDO-PACIFC), Air Force Lt. Col. Lisa Wnek (DLA Distribution), Marine Maj. Jarrod Pierce (DLA INDO-PACIFIC), Army Maj. Burke Vinluan (DLA INDO-PACIFIC), Air Force Maj. David Brewer (Energy South-West), Army Capt. Ryan Campbell (DLA INDO-PACIFIC), Air Force Capt. Jonathan Burnett (DLA INDO-PACIFIC), Army Capt. Theodore Yost (Energy Hawaii), Air Force Capt. Cody Gibson (Troop Support Hawaii), Army Sgt. 1st Class Shameeka Jones (DLA INDO-PACIFIC), Arden Ikehara (Troop Support Hawaii), Joshua Stanley (Aviation), Dean Newsome (Disposition Services), Mr. Robert Hays (Land & Maritime), Russell Ogden (Energy Japan).