News | Aug. 24, 2021

Excess items find new home through requisition

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services team on Eglin Air Force Base recently released 267 requisitions of property to customers, totaling nearly $1.5 million. Items that found a new home through the reutilization, transfer or donation process included safety ladders, medical supplies, and even refrigerators.

Fork lift with a load of scrap.
DLA Disposition Services remove scrap on while Eglin Air Force Base.
Fork lift with a load of scrap.
Defense Department Requisition
DLA Disposition Services remove scrap on while Eglin Air Force Base.
Photo By: DLA Disposition Services
VIRIN: 210823-D-D0441-201
The requisition of government property is one of the primary missions of DLA Disposition Services. The agency repurposes ­– or disposes of – excess DoD property.

When a Defense Department agency no longer needs an item, that doesn’t necessarily mean the item’s usefulness is at an end. Vehicles, office furniture and other items are still sought after by other entities within DoD and outside agencies. When an item is declared as excess and no longer needed, the property begins its requisition journey.

“If usable the property either goes through the reutilization process – where it’s offered to DoD, gets transferred to other federal agencies or is donated to state agencies or authorized organizations,” said Barbara DeNamur, a supervisory property disposal specialist on Eglin AFB.

Reutilization, transfer and donation to other organizations are the means that Disposition Services uses to complete this process. Defense Departments receive the first offers of property reutilization but if there is no need within DoD other organizations are then given an opportunity to receive the property.

Property is either physically turned in or transferred to Disposition Services through receipt in place procedures. That item then goes through a screening process to determine the demilitarization requirements, as well as the reutilization or scrap classification before becoming available to customers.

Through this requisition process military forces and other agencies around the globe benefit from equipment and materiel that would otherwise have been unavailable to them without this capability, often providing the gaining agency significant cost avoidance. This is one of the biggest benefits from the process as customers only pay for shipping costs. 

“Our efforts not only directly support the needs of our warfighters but also saves the taxpayers millions of dollars’ worth of property that can be reused for other purposes,” DeNamur said. “We also support disaster relief at home, humanitarian assistance and foreign military sales programs.”

For items that are identified as usable, qualified customers can search for property on RTD Web – a site that acts as a property hub for the Defense Department. Property that is identified as scrap after DEMIL is then disposed of or sold to the public.