News | Dec. 17, 2021

Defense Logistics Agency San Joaquin Police Department named Outstanding Police Activity of the Year

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

The Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management San Joaquin Police Department was named the DLA Outstanding Police Activity of the Year.

This is a back-to-back win for the department.

The mission of the police department is to provide around-the-clock force protection, antiterrorism, and security operations through police services, facilities security, emergency response, and protective countermeasure programs to protect DLA people, resources, mission and infrastructure from violence and destruction.

Police conducted over 275,168 police functions and activities during the year to include access control/vehicle searches, alarm response and community support while maintaining Coronavirus safety. Despite being understaffed, officers inspected over 17,652 commercial and visitor vehicles conducting 100% identification checks totaling 274,539 Common Access Cards. DLA San Joaquin Police scanned an average of 27,454 CACs per month.

The department is fiscally responsible continuing to decrease overtime expenditures during the fiscal year. They employed a three tier Overtime Model outlining the shift structures requiring overtime with a 25% reduction in staff. Mitigation of overtime requirements included the use of on-duty training and administrative staff for posts during peak surge period, ultimately reducing the overtime expenditures for short term, intermittent coverage of posts.

Police leadership takes pride in recognizing top performing officers with the development of an Awards/Ribbon Program. The different categories include years of police service, outstanding attendance record, expert shooter qualifications, academic achievement, top physical fitness, Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers instructors, field training officer and Officer of the Year achievements.

Being on the front lines, the police officers’ health and safety is paramount during the pandemic. Key significant changes were incorporated in daily shift practices included aggressive use of disinfectant with accelerated cleaning cycles for police vehicles, common work areas, equipment, and the security gates. Further, personal protective equipment consisting of face masks and gloves were issued to all officers reducing potential employee exposure to COVID.

The department regularly participates in higher headquarters’ security program reviews, inspections, tests, and evaluations. Highlights include the following:

  • The installation emergency manager conducted a multiple agency tabletop exercise consisting of a train derailment that caused a serious hazardous material incident. The exercise was well received and was with great success.
  • A self-audit of the Security Program Review conducted by the Physical Security team resulted in a 100% compliance rate.
  • The Training Department was able to secure an outdoor range facility to qualify 46 active- duty officers with their M l 7- Sig Sauer pistol and Benelli shotgun resulting in 100% of all active-duty officers successfully qualified. Additionally, 11 supervisors successfully qualified with the M-4 rifle. The average firearms proficiency score was 260 with 12 officers shooting at the expert level.

The department takes pride in interacting with the installation community. They partnered with the Child Development Center’s re-opening event after being closed due to the pandemic. The officers interacted with the children and presented them Jr. Police Officer of the Day certificates, coloring books/crayons, police stickers and a picture with McGruff the Crime Dog.

“I am proud of the DLA Installation Management at San Joaquin, Police Department being named the DLA Police Activity of the Year,’ said DLA Installation Management San Joaquin Site Director Mr. Jonathan Mathews. “These outstanding accomplishments are due to the sharp, professional, and dedicated officers that execute the mission to the highest standards daily.”