News | Jan. 3, 2022

Disposition Services employees learn new tricks of the trade

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

Battle Creek, Michigan, played host to a unique and specific annual training for a group of Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services members. 

“The purpose of this training is to familiarize our people in the field on how to use the sling attachment,” said Brian Davidson, the course instructor. “This machine is designed to lift containers but with this attachment this allows us to use this as a crane so we can lift vehicles and other big bulky items that we wouldn’t be able to feasibly lift with a forklift.” 
The training is designed to improve efficiency and safety for personnel and equipment while providing employees an additional tool at their disposal. 

“This training will help prevent damage done to vehicles during the lifting process,” Davidson said. “In the field lifting with a forklift there is a possibility to dent the fuel tank, bend the driveshaft or even drive the forklift into the side of the vehicle and damage the sheet metal. If you lift using this technique you’re going to eliminate all those possibilities.” 

The training provides hands-on experience and demonstrates uniform signaling to participants. For some participants, this is the first time experience using this machinery in the field. 
“This is my first time using this equipment,” said Teresa Cowell, a Battle Creek operations equipment specialist. “It’s hands on – which is great. The best part is everyone will have the same uniform hand signals and everyone will have the same training on the rig as well.”

Once personnel complete the training they are considered trained as riggers and have the necessary tools to go back to their duty locations and perform the necessary functions safely and effectively. 

Training takes place at the Disposition Services training grounds annually and after completion, employees become eligible to gain certification through a Occupational Safety and Health Administration course.