News | June 13, 2022

Employee Reflection: Kimberly A Canchucaja

DLA Disposition Services Mid-America

Photos of Kimberly A Canchucaja
Kimberly A Canchucaja
Photos of Kimberly A Canchucaja
Photo By: Staff
VIRIN: 220515-D-DO441-3456
Can you tell us about yourself?

I have lived in multiple states throughout my life and enjoyed learning how different cultures can be even within a single country. My family is sprawled out throughout the United States and one member in Germany as we have multiple branches of services both current and past.  My immediate family consist of my husband, 3 sons, a daughter and 4 dogs, all rescue dogs. Love having my family around and volunteering in my community.

Describe your job in a sentence or two. What do you do specifically?

I am a DSD RA, supporting personal actions, training, travel, and field sites as a HUB RA during vacancies or extended leave.

How long have you worked for the federal government including military service?

I have worked for the government 3 years, all with DLA Disposition Services. I have also volunteered for 3 years (1 year Louisiana and 2 years in California) as a Family Readiness Officer at my husband’s prior duty stations. I was never active myself in the military.

What is your favorite memory with DLA Disposition Services?

My very first day and only about an hour in started with the 2Q Financial Review with Mr. Cannon and all the Area Managers within Mid America. I thought, “What did I get myself into”, now I chuckle about it each time the quarterly review comes around. I know now what an awesome group of people we have at Mid America.

What aspect(s) of your current job gives you the most personal satisfaction and why? 

Seeing the success of the completed products in my work individually or my part as a team.  We have three generations of Marines in my family with my oldest son being one of them. Knowing my work is part of the War Fighters and my co-hearts success along with safety no matter if its on the frontline, in an office building or in a warehouse it brings joy and pride to me.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

“Just keep swimming” -Dory in Finding Nemo. 

What kind(s) of training and education helps your work performance in your current role?

Hands on training from senior members. Learning the basic roles and function of those I support is helpful. It provides a better understand the impact of services that I am providing.

What would you say has been your major contributions to your organization this year in your job?

My dedication, flexibility, and willingness to support multiple roles when needed. An example would be supporting Colorado for 3 months as a HUB RA and right after supporting the Administrative Assistant role while conducting my own task.

  If you could speak directly to the warfighters you support, what would you tell them?

Your time and support for our country is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you do and the sacrifices you and your family make.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

With DLA Disposition in a leadership or senior roll.

Tell us something that most people might not know about you or your directorate?

I’m scared of heights, but my actual height might give that away.

What is your best memory of working here? 

I can’t say that I have a best memory over another, but the camaraderie we share is defiantly something I enjoy and cherish.

What was your first job?

My security training tells me not to answer this question. In the food industry though. 

Who’s your biggest influence?

My grandparents and sister. 

Name your favorite/recent book(s) you have read.

Currently listening to Leadership Strategy and Tactics by Jocko Willink.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

Spending time with my family, outdoor adventures with my 4Runner, and volunteering. I volunteer with Toys for Tots each Christmas to collect toys, every Halloween/Thanksgiving I collect pumpkins for SARA Sanctuary to feed the animals. Throughout the entire year I volunteer with L & S Dog Diggity Rescue to help save strays and unwanted dogs throughout San Antonio, Texas. We help them find homes in states with a need for dogs, while ensuring they are fully vetted, fixed and healthy before there transport to a happy ever after home.

What is your favorite quote?

“You can sleep when you are dead”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Registered Nurse in an ER environment. After being a volunteer as a EMT in Virginia I figured out, how amazing those in emergency medical field really are. 

Who is your hero? 

My grandfather. He gave 32 years in Marine Corps and continued giving back to his community during his service and long after.

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? 

Spend the entire day on a beach with my family and dogs that has no cell phone service or electronic distractions.

What’s the most thrilling/adventurous thing you have ever done?

Scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean.