News | June 17, 2022

Site Spotlight: Red River

DLA Disposition Services Red River

Site Name: DLA Disposition Services at Red River Army Depot.    

A large piece of yellow Equipment is used to off-load a flat bed semi trailer.
Equipment is used to off-load a flat bed semi trailer.
Photo By: Jeff Landenberger
VIRIN: 200225-D-YU183-438
Site Size:

Location: 473 Texas Ave East, Red River Army Depot, Texarkana, Texas.

Hours of Operations: 0700-1530

What services does the site provide? DLA Disposition Services at Red River provides direct support to military and DoD civilian command elements.  Services include on and off-site training, DSR support, disposal operations, environmental, Contracting Officer Representative duties, Hazardous Waste contractual removal at Receipt in Place locations, as well as direct scrap removals at forward located collections sites throughout the Red River HUB footprint.

What are the major units supported at the site? Red River Army Depot, Red River Logistics Management Program, DLA Distribution Red River, DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, DLA Distribution Oklahoma City, Tinker AFB, Fort Polk, Arkansas Army National Guard, Sheppard AFB, and Little Rock AFB.

What are the most notable or unusual items processed by the site? Suicide Vest Training Device, JSOC Utility Terrain Vehicle, State of Texas Game Warden Badges, 1979 Jeep CJ.

What is the site’s average annual fiscal year statistics? 147K lines of property received, 39.2M pounds of scrap removed, $299M of property reutilized, and 4,408 Hazardous Waste lines processed.

Does the site have any focus areas? Red River Depot is home to TACOM/AMC only wheeled vehicle refurbishment facilities.  Large DCOS on site Demilling Bradley IFVs, MRAPs, HMMWVs, etc.

Does the office have a quote, motto or philosophy? Our best, nothing less.

Any special takes/influences on organizational culture? Tri-state area of Texarakana.

What are the goals for the site for the coming year? Increase DCOS throughput by supporting large divestitures.