News | June 23, 2022

Site Spotlight: Colorado Springs

DLA Disposition Services Colorado Springs

Site Name:  DLA Disposition Services Colorado Springs

the team at DLA Disposition Services Colorado Springs sand outside in a lose group photo
DLA Disposition Services Colorado Springs
The team at DLA Disposition Services Colorado Springs.
Photo By: Staff
VIRIN: 211201-D-AA987-2112
Site Size: Medium

Location: 1475 Wickersham Blvd. Fort Carson, CO.

Hours of Operations: 0700-1530

What services does the site provide?  DLA Disposition Services at Colorado Springs provides direct support to military and DoD civilian command elements.  Services include on and off-site training, DSR support, disposal operations, environmental, Contracting Officer Representative duties, Hazardous Waste contractual removal at Receipt in Place locations, as well as direct scrap removals at forward located collections sites throughout the Colorado Springs HUB footprint.

What are the major units supported at the site? US Army 4th ID, 10th Special Forces Group, USAF Academy Peterson AFB, 21st Space Wing, US Strat Com, 377th Air Base Wing at Kirtland AFB, 49th Wing at Holloman AFB, and 27th Special Operations Wing at Cannon AFB.

What are the most notable or unusual item(s) processed by the site?  B-1 Lancer Aircraft Support.

What is the site’s average annual fiscal year statistics? 79K lines of property received, 1.5M pounds of scrap removed, $53M of property reutilization, and 1,349 Hazardous Waste lines processed.

Has the site provided any humanitarian support, if so what? Operation Allied Welcome direct support for 50+ trucks received.

Any special takes/influences on organizational culture? Rugged outdoor lifestyle.  Hardy individualism.

Are there any unique challenges the site faces? Constantly changing and challenging weather.  Covering a large geographic area with DSR support.

Is there anything unique about the site or unusual fact about the office? Highest elevation within the Mid-America AOR.