News | June 24, 2022

Employee Reflection: Carlos Chapman

DLA Disposition Services at Fort Hood

Carlos Chapman Jr Warehouse Supervisor for DLA Disposition Services at Fort Hood, Texas.

Carlos Chapman Jr Warehouse Supervisor for DLA Disposition Services at Fort Hood, Texas sits at a desk and works on a computer.
Carlos Chapman Jr
Carlos Chapman Jr Warehouse Supervisor for DLA Disposition Services at Fort Hood, Texas.
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VIRIN: 220621-D-AA987-3456
Describe your job in a sentence or two?
Difficult yet satisfying.

How long have you worked for the federal government including military service? Seven years active military service until, I was medically retired in July of 2012. After that I did three years as a law enforcement personal working for the Texas department of Criminal Justice and The Killeen Police department. In August of 2016 I began my federal career, but not with DLA. In Sept of 2018 I began working for DLA.

What is your favorite thing about your line of work? My favorite thing must be helping the customers became mission ready. Also helping and growing the skills of the personal under me.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you? When I was in the military, I was told by an old Command Sergeant Major, “You didn’t get here by yourself, take the time to thank those that came before you. Also take time to reach back and help those who are behind you. Remember you didn’t get here by yourself.”

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess? I believe that every leader should never feel like they are above others. We are the same no better no worse.

What is your leadership philosophy and how does that tie into your line of work? We are all one, I will place you in position where your strengths will shine, but behind the scenes we are working on the things you may see as weakness to make you better as employee.

How would you describe your leadership style and why has it worked so well for you? I don’t truly know if it works well, but I know that people are different not all people are the same. We must understand how our employees function best. What works for one may not work for others. We must be flexible as leaders. We need to truly understand the people that are working for us, so the agency gets the best results.

Can you share a story when you realized your efforts were making a difference? Hopefully my efforts are making a difference, I know every day is an effort to improve and get better of every aspect. Not only work, but life.

Tell us how you approach change? Like water, you must be like water. Change is going to happen, but you must flow like water to get the best results.

What keeps you motivated? My family, and the employees. Also knowing that I was never supposed to be in this position. My family came here from Puerto Rico, my family was poor, but I saw my parents get up every day and sacrifice for me. So, it was only right that I pay that back to them by being the best person I could be.

What do you look for when evaluating top talent? The will, hunger to be here. How they handle adversity. Learning everyone’s backstory.

What do you believe is your biggest accomplishment and why? Just saying I made it as a person, a lot of people I knew growing up are either dead or in jail. I am neither so I am blessed to be awake everyday doing what I love.

What are your best practices for achieving goals or accomplishing tasks? Best practice is to set a hard date for when you accomplish these tasks. If you, don’t you will never get it done.

What do you see as your biggest challenge right now? I can honestly say I don’t know.

Why is networking to build professional relationships so important in achieving success? Networking is great, you expand your network, and your work expands for other people to see.

What mistakes have you seen individuals make that prevent them from being successful? They are not willing to change, they don’t see the big pictures. Lastly, they can’t look within when they make mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault, sometimes you made the mistake, and you have to own it.

Tell us something that most people might not know about you or your directorate? I am easy going. I live life to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised.

What was your first job? I worked at a movie theatre at 15 years old.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to play in the NFL. Came close, but life decision changed my overall directions.

What are your hobbies? I like shooting my guns on the weekend, hanging out with my daughter, and watching movies.