News | June 27, 2022

Site Spotlight: DLA Disposition Services at Ft. Sill

DLA Disposition Services at Ft. Sill

Site Name: DLA Disposition Services Ft. Sill          

DLA Disposition Services Ft. Sill Wearhouse space.
DLA Disposition Services Ft. Sill
DLA Disposition Services Ft. Sill Wearhouse space.
Photo By: Staff
VIRIN: 220517-D-AA987-4567
Site Size: Small

Date Established: Moved to brand new location on Ft. Sill in 2018. 

Location: 3471 Burrill Rd Fort Sill, OK 73503

Hours of Operations: 0730 -1600

What services does the site provide? DLA Disposition Services at Sill provides direct support to military and DoD civilian command elements.  Services include on and off-site training, DSR support, disposal operations, environmental, Contracting Officer Representative duties, Hazardous Waste contractual removal at Receipt in Place locations, as well as direct scrap removals at forward located collections sites throughout the Sill HUB footprint.

What are the major units supported at the site? Ft. Sill Logistics Readiness Center, 31st Air Defense Artillery, 75th Field Artillery, Sill Central Issuance Facility, Chenega, Tinker AFB, Altus AFB, Vance AFB, McAlester Army Ammunition Depot, and Sheppard AFB

What are the most notable or unusual item(s) processed by the site? Large quantities of 105mm howitzer shells due to only US Army and Marine Field Artillery School.

Have there been any noteworthy historical items?  USAF Nuclear Ground Launched Cruise Missile BGT 109 Rocket Launcher.

What is the site’s average annual fiscal year statistics? 22K receipts, 1.1M lbs scrap removed, $16.4M reutilization, 3,233 HW lines removed

Does the site have any focus areas? Artillery spent ESACC and TRADOC support.

What are the goals for the site for the coming year? Increase customer support and lines received. 

Is there anything unique about the site or unusual fact about the office?  The office looks directly at the artillery range and the booms of freedom occur all day long.

Does the site team do any volunteering? Toys for Tots yearly drive.