News | July 18, 2022

COREX 22 kicks-off with training in Battle Creek, Michigan

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

Members of the Defense Logistics Agency kicked-off the annual Contingency Operations Readiness Exercise at the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base and Fort Custer.

“This is the biggest DLA expeditionary exercise in the history of DLA,” said DLA Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon as he further discussed the level of collaboration across the agency.

The two-week exercise will test the skills and training of each participant including property accounting, cutting and shredding as well as site construction and tear down, marking the final expeditionary training element for those taking part in COREX 22.

“This is the culmination of all the training that we provide here at the expeditionary site,” said Brian Davidson, DLA Disposition Services instructor and property disposal specialist. “The students are going to come in and practice all of the things that they have learned throughout all the different courses that they have taken here.”

This exercise ensures that each person is equipped to successfully operate in any DLA serviced location. Each team member plays a role in the process from the set-up, operations and tear-down of a disposal site.

“This is going to prepare them and validate their skills, so they are able to deploy and operate in any type of environment around the world,” said Davidson.

Different than in years past, COREX 22 is about more than just Disposition Services personnel working alone. The exercise this year features a level of unprecedented collaboration between major subordinate commands.

“The biggest difference is the interactions amongst the DLA MSCs [major subordinate commands],” said Jeff Nofzinger, a readiness officer and exercise planner.

COREX 22 began with preparation and meetings before arriving in Battle Creek, Michigan. Over the weekend, participants arrived and completed a training session before moving into more advanced expeditionary tasks. Due to safety being a high priority within Disposition Services, the exercise confirms each participant can perform the necessary tasks adequately and safely.

“Some of our sites don’t have particular equipment that we’re trained on,” said Robert Small, an equipment specialist based out of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. “So, it’s kind of a refresher that makes sure we still have the skills we need to operate the equipment.”

Through this exercise, DLA personnel will receive new challenges and but also gain valuable experiences. Over the next two weeks safety will be at the forefront but leaders are also looking for each participant to gain something positive from their time at COREX.

“I hope everyone stays safe and has some fun, but also finds some skills that they can put to use in the field if they ever do deploy,” Davidson said.