Distribution’s first female director of an OCONUS location reflects on 24 years of service

By Jessica Roman DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Macy Ooka has spent her life on the Pacific island of Guam, and has worked for the federal government for 24 years.  Now Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Guam’s director, she began her career as a temporary GS-01 for Naval Supply Depot Security during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.  “My passion and motivation to learn my job and excel in what I do have helped me to grow immensely throughout my career,” she said.

While working at Naval Supply Depot Security, Ooka was promoted to a permanent position.  “I gained valuable experience there, and served in a variety of ways, including supply and transportation functions.”

In October 2004, DLA Distribution established Guam as a distribution center, and Ooka joined the DLA team as a quality assurance evaluator.  She was instrumental in standing up the distribution center and was appointed as the alternate contractor officer representative, overseeing the distribution center’s multi-million dollar contract.

Ooka’s career continued to progress with DLA Distribution Guam over the next several years, where she built her experience and knowledge.  In 2006, she became the accountable officer, responsible for inventory valued in excess of $17 million.  In 2007, she was promoted to supervisory accountable officer for the Inventory Action Team, where she served until she became the acting deputy director in June 2013.

When talking about leadership, Ooka credits her past and present colleagues for helping her develop her own style.  “By using what I felt were their strengths, I mirrored some of their qualities and blended it with my own,” she said.  “My plan is to maintain DLA Distribution Guam’s status as one of the best distribution centers in the network.   With regards to DLA goals, I am committed to building and sustaining compliance with audit readiness requirements.”

Ooka says her goals are to continue to build and develop her staff for their career enhancement.  “I have a great team and I would like to be a mentor and role model to play a big part in their success.  My strategy is to continue to build and develop the work force by sharing and instilling my values: compassion and commitment to being successful.”

“I am proud of my progression and achievements throughout the past 24 years,” Ooka concluded.  “I am extremely proud to be the first female director of an OCONUS DLA Distribution location.”