Red River MRAP team receives Global Distribution Excellence award

By Emily Tsambiras DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Red River, Texas’ Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Team has been awarded the Global Distribution Excellence: DLA Distribution Team Performance of the Year in the medium category for 2014.

“Each of the team’s 31 members worked in concert to receive, store and ship key MRAP parts to support Red River Army Depot’s production line, Army field units and a wide variety of other customers worldwide,” said deputy commander Frank Holobinko.

Together, the team manages over 3,400 line items worth over $800 million. Over the course of the past year, they have inducted over 3,800 new receipts into MRAP inventory, distributing material to 16 warehouses in finite locations and ensuring the correct placards/markings are donned for quick picks.

In 2014, the team picked and processed more than 3,300 issue requests to worldwide customers. This included the coordinated delivery of 360 Materiel Release Orders with over 11,000 pieces to the RRAD reset line and local deliveries and sequenced loads for easy deliveries to shops.

The team also completed builds and disassembly of kits. They constructed seven MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle Authorized Stockage List kits consisting of 26 lines of material, assembled and stored 16 M-ATV Shop Stock Sets consisting of 32 lines, and disassembled 23 M-ATV kits with 57 line items, ensuring items were labeled and inducted for individual issue.

Additionally, members configured model air pallets for plane specifications, simplifying the process and ensuring acceptance at the final destination. In total, they assembled 63 air pallets in specific configurations for priority shipments. They also assisted in a clean sweep of dormant material, right-sizing inventory levels for future programs.

“This team’s organization and execution of processes greatly impacted DLA Distribution Red River’s accomplishments in operations and global mission support to our customers worldwide,” said Holobinko.