TACOM life cycle group visits DLA Distribution

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs


To give customers a firsthand view of their items in DLA’s care, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution hosted a visit from members of TACOM’s Integrated Logistics Support Center May 27. 

The group kicked off its visit with a command overview to gain a better understanding of how DLA Distribution’s supply pipeline provides global distribution support through its 24 distribution centers.  The brief also explained how through the organization’s standard processes and performance metrics ensure efficient and effective support to its customers. 

Following the brief, the visitors toured DLA Distribution Susquehanna’s central warehouse, where they witnessed the magnitude and scope of the mission at DLA’s largest distribution center. They also toured the distribution center’s Aerial Delivery operation where employees store a wide variety of parachutes, elastic cord, and repair parts.  This portion of this visit was of particular interest to the group, which primarily manages aerial delivery equipment.

ILSC is responsible for the entire life cycle support of the Army’s aircraft armament, small arms, field artillery, mortars, tools and training systems, tactical vehicles, light and heavy combat vehicles, watercraft, soldier/biological/chemical systems and deployment/support equipment.