Oklahoma City’s Lemons awarded Global Distribution Excellence: Systems Analyst Civilian of the Year

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution


Sherita Lemons, supply systems analyst with Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Oklahoma City, Okla., has been awarded the Global Distribution Excellence: Systems Analyst Civilian of the Year for her customer support and contributions to audit readiness.

Lemons duties were to monitor the latest program change to the local supply requirements by running queries on the distribution system. Due to audit readiness, the supply office underwent a major change when the base operating supply system transferred to the Distribution Supply System.

“The tact and diplomacy Ms. Lemons possesses has been the most valuable asset during this monumental change,” said DLA Distribution Oklahoma City, Okla., director Ned LaViolette.

Rather than sit at her desk running reports, Lemons wears protective personal equipment and operates from the center of the supply operation, saving the organization up to ten man hours weekly. By positioning herself within arm’s reach of the team, she is able to resolve issues within minutes.

Additionally, Lemons helped the team recover approximately 20 stock numbers valued at over $100,000 when these packaging assets could not be stored in a non-controlled area.

An expert in DSS, Lemons has also taken on the task of learning the government purchase card program. By involving herself in all parts of the supply system, Lemons has helped alleviate confusion between the cardholder, requestors, vendors and billing and approving officials.

“The team is now super-efficient and can handle all requests, working as a well-oiled machine,” said LaViolette. “Ms. Lemons is the reason for this. She has a calming effect on the supply team and is extremely easy to talk to.”