News | Oct. 26, 2015

National Energy Action Month offers DLA Energy opportunities

By Elizabeth Stoeckmann DLA Energy Public Affairs

October is National Energy Action Month, and amid the fall foliage, this month offers Defense Logistics Agency Energy an opportunity to highlight its support to the warfighter and its management of energy resources needed to protect the nation.
For more than 70 years, DLA Energy has provided the Department of Defense and government agencies with fuel, and over the years its mission has expanded to include comprehensive energy solutions.

DLA Energy Installation Energy supports DoD and federal civilian partners with renewable energy and energy conservation acquisitions.

“We awarded approximately 47 megawatts of electricity through solar and biomass projects and we are in negotiations to award another 442 megawatts of electricity through solar and wind projects along with more than $750 million in energy conversation efforts,” said Pam Griffith, DLA Energy Installation Energy director. “Lately, every month has been energy action month for our team.”

“As of this month, our DLA Energy contractor completed the construction and testing of an interconnection at Fort Drum, New York, that connects the contractor’s on-site biomass plant with the installation’s distribution system,” Griffith said. “Fort Drum is now receiving 100 percent of its power from the on-site biomass facility, providing the installation with energy that is independent from the power grid.”

Earlier this year, the renewable energy team awarded a 15.8 megawatt alternating current contract for an on-site solar generation at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

The construction is expected to be completed later this year and will support Fort Detrick with 10 percent of its overall consumption through the use of renewable energy, said Cynthia Ralph, Installation Energy contracting officer.

In addition to providing energy resilience, the contract is expected to save Fort Detrick more than $10 million over the life of the contract, she added.

In addition to the renewable energy efforts, energy efficiency measures implemented through energy savings performance contracts are a part of Installation Energy’s business portfolio.

Recently, the ESPC team awarded a $27 million contract for energy conservation measures to be implemented at Fort Hamilton, New York. This includes installation of a small solar photovoltaic system along with other energy conservation measures such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water conservation.

These improvements will allow Fort Hamilton to exceed the required 30 percent energy intensity reduction goal, Griffith said.

Successful and timely awards such as these require more than just acquisition knowledge, she said. It requires continuous education of the energy industry to stay abreast of changing legislation, new innovative solutions, and most importantly, a diverse and experienced acquisition team to ensure successful results and timely contract awards.

Most recently, Installation Energy employees took part in a 2015 Energy Efficiency Exchange held in Phoenix, providing critical training to federal agencies to meet and track their sustainability and energy related requirements and goals.

“The unique learning opportunity provided our team members with valuable information necessary for the continual refinement of our acquisition and business practices used to support our customer’s energy needs,” Griffith said.

The Installation Energy team will continue to engage in future industry forums and take advantage of training opportunities to ensure the team is well positioned to provide warfighters the energy they need to be a resilient and effective force, Griffith added.

During the month of October, President Barack Obama empowers Americans to bolster energy efficiency, invest in innovative clean power and work together to preserve the planet for generations to come.