News | Dec. 14, 2015

Leaders meet to discuss expeditionary workforce

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Senior leaders from DLA Disposition Services met with Disposition Services Unit leadership and other for the annual Expeditionary Workforce Leadership Huddle from Nov. 7 to 8.

Expeditionary leaders had the chance to receive training, complete a transfer of duties between outgoing and incoming leaders, and update command representatives. While the training and other opportunities are important, Expeditionary Operations Branch Chief Tim Walters stressed the event was also important for the visiting leaders to get better acquainted with each other.

“Let’s face it, there are people coming and going and you are spread out across the country, so it’s really important to work on new building relationships.

Among those changing duties were outgoing Joint Team Lead Navy Capt. Michael Krieger and his replacement Navy Capt. Jay May. For Krieger, it was a chance to thanks all of the people he was worked with for their support while May said he was “looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friends.”

DLA Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon thanked everyone for attending and talked about the integration of the military reserve personnel with the rest of the workforce as one of DLA Disposition Services’ greatest strengths. In fact, Cannon said the goal was to do even more as he talked strategic engagement and working with customers like the Army to address upcoming large scale reductions in equipment. After describing plans to acquire more space on the Army installation to allow a contractor to demilitarize equipment on site, he talked about how the assembled leaders could use their relationships with the services to do more of this kind of event.

Finding ways to integrate Disposal Services Units with the filed sites where they are located was also discussed. Cannon said reservists could be a big help in reducing backlog because he knows how much work he can expect on a site annually, but he cannot predict where the surges will come.

“So you should be having a cup of coffee monthly with your site leads to see where you can help,” Cannons said. “The key is communication.”

Other topics discussed included a briefing on the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Acts, and Expeditionary Operations Program update as well as talks on the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce and military service updates.