News | Dec. 29, 2015

Norfolk’s Nneji awarded Company Grade Officer of the Quarter

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Navy Lt. Emmanuel Nneji, business development officer at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Norfolk, Va., has been awarded the Distribution Company Grade Officer of the Quarter for fourth quarter, fiscal year 2015, for his visionary leadership and committed drive to mission success.

As the business development officer, Nneji led Norfolk’s Regional Maintenance Center project team.  He effectively captured about $7 million annually in new business revenue for Distribution Norfolk to store and manage, including Future Use material and long lead time materials for Naval Sea Systems Command shipyards.

He led a coordinated survey and assessment of space and project requirements to support 100,000 square feet of FUM and LLTM materials.  “Lt. Nneji’s commitment to service and analytical drive was indispensable in executing, planning, and analyzing warehousing capabilities and resources, valued at over $10 million,” said Navy Capt. Harry Thetford, the organization’s commander.

As the director of the Map Support Office at the distribution center, Nneji led a team of four personnel in the inventory, receipt, stowage, and issue of over 16,300 geodetic products for issue to over 100 customers in all branches of service.  “His commitment to service effectively guaranteed map and logistics support for crisis operations and joint military exercise,” said Thetford.  The team also provided critical support of print-on-demand requests from four units for over 30 mission-essential chart requirements with a turnaround of 48 hours or less.

“Lt. Nneji’s leadership and drive enabled MSO Norfolk to analyze and prioritize resources to maintain efficient inventory, and get essential mapping products in the hands of customers, on time, ever time,” said Thetford.

As the director of customer support operations, Nneji analyzed hazardous material delivery to ships located in local area shipyards, and proposed a visionary solution to HAZMAT delivery, which included firming the delivery schedules for multiple departments and two external commands.  His solution increased Norfolk’s support to four shipyards, and supported 16 ship repair missions. 

“Lt. Nneji is totally committed to the DLA mission and provides the best support possible to every DLA customer,” said Thetford.  “His commitment and zeal are unsurpassed.”