Workforce resiliency website launches; provides tools, resources to help employees

By DLA Public Affairs


A new workforce-resiliency webpage is now available, providing another resource for DLA employees and their families to use in developing the behaviors and skills to cope with today’s challenging work-life environment.

The Workforce Resiliency website offers definitions to assist in understanding the DLA resiliency model and its supporting pillars as well as links to training, local field activity resiliency programs and DLA activities that assist in building resiliency.

“We promised our employees the tools and resources needed to help them become more resilient. This website is one of those tools,” said Renee Roman, DLA chief of staff. “As we go forward, we’ll add more links, articles and useful videos. We hope that in the very near future it will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for DLA employees seeking to know more about resiliency. Our aim is to make it easy for them to find training, programs and information needed to increase workforce and personal resiliency across the agency,”

Resiliency is an agency core value and, according to DLA Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch, a vital part of the foundation of all DLA actions and decisions made to support the agency workforce, customers and stakeholders. Fortifying workforce resiliency is also part of Goal 2: People and Culture of the DLA Strategic Plan, 2015-2022.

“Dealing with stress and adversity in healthy and productive ways is really the cornerstone of what we mean by ‘resiliency,’ and Lt. Gen. Busch has committed to helping the DLA workforce strengthen its resiliency in the face of personal and professional stressors — not only because it’s the right thing to do for our people, but also because a more resilient workforce is more engaged, productive and high performing,” said Brad Bunn, director, DLA Human Resources. “I think the DLA Workforce Resiliency website is a foundational part of the support available to the DLA workforce.”