April is Process Excellence Month

By Beth Reece

Defense Logistics Agency employees will become more aware of their role in the agency’s drive to improve processes as the agency celebrates Process Excellence Month in April.

Process excellence is one of five goals outlined in DLA’s strategic plan for 2015-2022. It involves employees at all levels and functional areas, from planning and procurement to distribution, simplifying and streamlining processes from beginning to end. Risk management, policy, control testing, innovation and governance are all part of process excellence.

“The idea is a simple one: optimize DLA’s processes and produce the most effective, efficient and reliable outcomes possible. Of course, our ultimate goal is to better serve and support our warfighters and other customers,” DLA Strategic Plans and Policy Director Marcus Bowers said in a video released this month to raise awareness of process excellence.

Process excellence allows the agency to achieve high-performing end-to-end business cycles and builds upon achievements the agency has already accomplished in its journey toward becoming audit ready, Bowers said. In March, Bowers and DLA Finance Deputy Director Simone Reba signed a memorandum of agreement outlining the path from audit readiness to process excellence, as well as steps that will lead DLA to optimal performance and measureable outcomes.

Employees can help by ensuring their processes are documented in instructions, charters, manuals, standard operating procedures and other policy documents that apply,” Bowers said.

“Next, evaluate risks associated with your processes, test your internal controls and test them often. This ensures risks are mitigated and tells us if we need additional controls,” he added

Employees who know of an area that needs improvement and have a solution can share it via the Process Excellence Pipeline, available at DLA Today.

In honor of Process Excellence Month, DLA Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch will host a town hall on the topic 9 a.m. April 12 in the McNamara Headquarters Complex auditorium. A newsletter titled “Everyone’s Business: Journey to Process Excellence” debuted in March and is available at DLA Today. It features such topics as risk management, internal controls, policy and continuous process improvement.

More information on process excellence is available in the March-April issue of Loglines.