News | April 29, 2016

Document Services supports sailors’ career advancement

By Gina Napoli, Document Services

Over the span of nine months, the Document Services team processed 358,686 exams in 9,767 individual print orders for the Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center. The orders consisted of naval advancement exams, a hot commodity for any sailor seeking promotion.

“This is an impressively tremendous volume,” said Document Services Director Steve Sherman. “Our team put a lot of hard work into this particular assignment.”

Document Services printed and delivered within tight timelines and document control to ensure the tests reach the designated testing coordinator using a structured chain of custody. They delivered the exam materials to sailors wherever they were operating in the world – whether ashore or afloat, according to Document Services Business Operations Manager Patrick McCabe.

Document Services managed the entire test database for the Navy. “Our efforts ensured the delivery of proper test versions to NETPDTC-specified sailors the Navy designated as within their advancement cycle,” said McCabe.

NETPDTC Commanding Officer Capt. Lee Newton said, “I want to thank the Document Services team for their outstanding support. Their work had a direct, positive impact on the Navy enlisted advancement exam process and helped NETPDTC achieve its mission of providing sailors their advancement exams in a timely manner. We were able to complete all requirements on time or ahead of scheduled time.”

Document Services is a global capability of DLA Information Operations.