News | June 7, 2016

Agencies partner to find IT solutions

By Dianne Ryder

Senior leaders from the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Defense Logistics Agency discussed technological services and solutions during DISA/DLA Day at DLA’s McNamara Headquarters Complex at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, June 3.

DISA provides information sharing capabilities and a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support to customers like DLA.

DLA’s DISA Hosting and Liaison Office, part of Information Services, serves as the intermediary between DLA and DISA. The organization oversees the execution of hosting for all DLA systems and services.

“Today we do a lot of hosting ourselves and there are a lot of costs associated with that; from keeping the workforce trained to lifecycle refresh of all equipment,” said Michelle Jacobs, director of the DISA Hosting and Liaison Office.

Jacobs addressed commercial cloud initiatives during the event. “We are looking to leverage moving to the commercial cloud, where it makes sense,” she said. Jacobs also noted that her office continues to collaborate with the Army, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Microsoft and others to explore private, or “mil” cloud options that are both smart and secure.

“But we can’t do any of this without partnering with DISA,” she said.

Other discussion topics included: cyber security and resiliency initiatives, voice and email integration, increased mobile device options for teleworking employees and virtual desktops.

H.L. Barner, deputy director of the DISA Hosting and Liaison Office, said the symbiotic relationship between the organizations helps make both their jobs easier.

"When an organization that provides a service takes the time to discuss the quality and dependability of that support, it speaks volumes about its desire to provide first-class service.  DISA is one of those organizations,” he said.

Barner said DLA and DISA leaders at the highest levels unite as one team during these annual events.

“This is what leaders should do: together as partners: have discussions to address issues and concerns,” he said. “DLA has a relationship with DISA that starts at the top and [extends] down to the lowest levels of the organization. And that partnership allows us to accomplish our respective missions.”