News | June 9, 2016

Staff burns midnight oil to support “big” requirement

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Just as the “dark of night” does not deter the U.S. Postal Service, Defense Logistics Agency personnel in Okinawa, Japan, recently showed that they will not let the lateness of the hour nor the size the property keep them from supporting the warfighter.

The Marine Corps, like the Army, is seeking to turn-in its excess and obsolete equipment. When discussions about III Marine Expeditionary Force’s turn-in needs revealed some larger items and road restrictions on their movement, personnel at DLA Disposition Services at Okinawa were ready and willing to change their schedules to help the Marines get the job done. Area Manager Eric Mills said special road permits were requested and arrangements were made to have the equipment delivered after midnight for two nights in a row to allow a huge bulldozer and a backhoe to move during hours when road restrictions are more relaxed.

“They may not look big to U.S. standards, but here in Okinawa, they are ginormous,” Mills said. “I think the real take away is the willingness of our receiving team to adjust … to accommodate the customer’s … requirements. They put the 'support' in customer support.”