News | Sept. 23, 2016

CFC season underway at DSCC

By Craig M. Rader DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

“I give because I know how much it helps.”

When Vickie Diggs shared her personal story at the Combined Federal Campaign kickoff event at Defense Supply Center Columbus Sept. 15, the audience saw a personal side to the annual federal employee philanthropy program.

Several CFC-supported charities assisted Diggs while her daughter was gravely ill in the hospital, easing some of the stress she faced during an emotionally challenging time in her life.

Now Diggs is giving back, both through her own financial contributions and as the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime CFC program executive liaison.

“It’s hard to tell my story sometimes,” she said. “My daughter is well today but when she was in the hospital, I was only able to be with her thanks to support from organizations that are funded through the CFC.

“That’s why I give. It’s not that I needed monetary assistance during that time, I just needed someone to help with other emotional necessities. It was incredibly important to have someone be there for me when I needed it most.”  

Diggs’ experience as a recipient of goodwill from CFC partner agencies serves as a fitting example of this year’s campaign theme – “Dollars make a donation; Donations make a difference.”

Thomas Leach, chair of the 2016 Central Ohio and West Virginia CFC, addressed the crowd via a recorded video message.

“Despite difficult economic times, federal employees in this area have consistently been leaders – real heroes – in helping tens of thousands of people in need in year,” Leach said. “For many us, donating through the CFC is also a responsibility.

“It’s a way to give back to organizations that may have helped us or someone we know, and it’s also a way to pay it forward to help people who are faced with difficult times.”  

According to CFC program coordinator Janet Bunnell, DLA Land and Maritime employees pledged a combined $241,434 in 2015. She plans to exceed that figure this year.

“I expect this to be our best year ever,” she told the crowd at the kickoff event. “We have office captains assigned to each directorate and if we all work together I know we can achieve our 2016 goal of $248,000.”

Bunnell went on to explain how a recent option built into the campaign allows participants to donate in new ways.

“Since 2014, the CFC has offered the opportunity to sign up through a feature called Universal Giving. This allows donors to give to any national, international, or local charity not denied participation in the CFC.”

Starting with its inception in 1961, the CFC has promoted and supported philanthropy through an employee focused, cost-efficient and effective program that provides federal employees with a way to give back to their communities.   

Donors can select from about 2,000 nonprofit organizations published in a brochure specific to their designated region, and from more than 25,000 local and global organizations approved through the Universal Giving program.

During the kickoff event, DLA Foundation board member Dennis Canterbury explained how the CFC has allowed his organization to provide scholarships to agency employees and their families. The foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization whose members include employees and retirees who have served with DLA.

Canterbury said Land and Maritime associates and their families represent more than 10 percent of the scholarships awarded to recipients from across the entire DLA enterprise for the 2016/2017 school year.   

The full list of CFC partner organizations for the region can be found on the the Central Ohio and West Virginia website.