Profiles in Resiliency: Joe Lehman

By Dianne Ryder


In May 2014, Joe Lehman, a criminal investigator in DLA’s Office of the Inspector General, was riding a motorcycle to meet with other investigators when he was in a horrific accident. Ten months later, he was back at work, much to the amazement of his coworkers.   

View Lehman’s video to see how resiliency has shaped his physical and mental adaptation. It's the latest in the “Profiles in Resiliency" series ,intended to inspire and empower employees to thrive, even in difficult circumstances.

Resiliency is one of the Defense Logistics Agency’s five core values: Integrity, Resiliency and Diversity, Innovation, Accountability and Excellence. Resiliency is the foundation for agency leaders’ actions in support of their customers and employees. It provides employees flexibility to adapt to changing environments while achieving outstanding results.