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About DLA Human Resources


DLA's ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse, skilled and agile workforce is vital to our continued mission as America's Combat Logistics Support Agency.  Our workforce is highly skilled and committed to meeting the needs of the Warfighter, but we recognize that there is always an opportunity to improve, particularly in our rapidly changing, global environment.


DLA - Provides effective and efficient global solutions to Warfighters and our other valued customers.

Human Resources - In support of the DLA mission, DLA Human Resources finds, hires, trains, and sustains a mission-ready workforce for DLA and our HR customers, using world class polices, processes, programs, and tools.  


DLA - Delivering the right solution on time, every time

Human Resources - In support of the DLA vision, DLA Human Resources is recognized as simply the best human resources organization in the federal government.  We set the standard for:

  • taking care of our customers;
  • partnering with leaders, unions, and employees to solve problems;
  • training and developing our people to be mission-ready;
  • innovating and adapting HR policies and programs to enable DLA to meet its mission; and
  • accomplishing our mission in a cost effective, audit-ready way.

Human Resources is the single best place to work if you are an HR, training, or administrative professional.


DLA - Our values provide the foundation for all of the actions we take and the decisions we make in support of our customers, stakeholders, workforce, and partners:

  • Integrity: Honest and trustworthy, we follow through on what we promise.
  • Resiliency and Diversity: Flexible, responsive, recoverable, and able to quickly adapt to changing business environments while achieving outstanding results.  Composed of people from varied backgrounds.  We celebrate and leverage our differences to deliver innovative and effective outcomes.
  • Innovation: We pioneer new ideas, devices, and methods.  Working with each other, customers, and stakeholders to provide solutions that are unique and creative.
  • Accountability:  Obligated and willing to accept responsibility.  We are accountable to the Department of Defense (DoD) and our customers, just as our workforce is accountable to the DLA mission to provide effective and efficient global solutions to Warfighters and our other valued customers.
  • Excellence: Extremely high quality.  We take pride in providing first-class solutions on time, every time.

DLA Human Resources: We embrace and live the DLA core values.


Human Resources Director Sharyn Saunders Portrait
Sharyn Saunders
Director, DLA Human Resources
Bobbie H. Sanders
Deputy Director, DLA Human Resources
Tanya Everett
Director, DLA Human Resources Services (DHRS)