Retirement and Separation from DLA Employment

Retirement from Federal Service

Start planning for your retirement soon after you are hired. Sound financial planning is a part of your retirement strategy. Don’t wait until you are a few years away from retirement to start your plan. Contact your organization’s training coordinator for pre-retirement course 10 years out as well as 5 years to ensure you will have a retirement plan, and financial security. Your retirement is processed and maintained through the Office of Personnel Management. Click the OPM Retirement Webpage  for resources you will need once you have retired.

Planning Your Retirement 

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Benefits into Retirement

  • Social Security Benefits - based on 35 years of earnings in the Social Security System. These earnings include both federal and non-federal.

Retirement Estimate Information

  • If your retirement date is more than two years from now, you should use the Retirement Calculators in the The GRB Platform™   (CAC-protected, current DLA and DHA HR-serviced employees only.).

  • Retirement Estimate Request System (Online Worksheet)
    The Retirement Estimate Request System (RERS) contains a CAC enabled online worksheet that is the preferred method to use when requesting a retirement estimate for a retirement date that is within the next two years. If your retirement date is more than two years from now, you should use the Retirement Calculator in EBIS. The worksheet will auto populate your name, activity, organization code and servicing office. It will also allow you to save your request as a draft, permitting you to go back to the worksheet to make any changes before submitting to the appropriate office.

Please note: The DLA Benefits Center will only prepare one estimate per year per employee.

DLA Employees Separating

Separations are actions that end employment with an agency other than retirement. A separation may include: resignations; terminations; removals; separations due to reduction in force; separations to enter the uniformed services; and deaths. If you are separating, please contact your Benefits Office to discuss how your separation will impact your benefits. Some things to consider if you are separating: