DLA Human Resources (HR) Systems

Please Note: The DLA Human Resources Services offices in Columbus, Ohio, and New Cumberland, PA, are the custodians of human resources related records required to administer programs as governed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). If you have questions regarding the content of those records please contact your servicing DLA Human Resources Services Customer Account Team.

Access DCPDS

DCPDS is the primary DOD human resources application for civilian staff. It is used to process personnel actions and maintain workforce data.

DCPDS has the following features for employees and managers:

  • MyBiz+: all serviced employees can view key elements of their personnel record
  • MyBiz+ for Managers and Supervisors (MyTeam): supervisors can view the personnel records of their employees
  • Employment Verification: an option within MyBiz+ for sending employment verification information to lenders and other service providers
  • Managers and administrative staff may also request DCPDS accounts to generate and route personnel action requests (SF-52) to their servicing human resources team. Contact your servicing HR team for further information.

Note: First time users please see the Common Access Card (CAC) registration instructions.

User Instructions, Desk Guides and Forms:

Security and User Access Request Forms (not required for MyBiz+/MyTeam accounts):

Links to any additional tools or systems:

Access MyPay

This Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) application allows employees to access leave and earning statements, tax related forms, and other pay related information. Home address changes are also updated in MyPay.

User Information:

Access eOPF

The eOPF is a secure on-line system managed by the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM). It contains official benefit and career related documents generated during an employee’s Federal tenure.

Questions regarding the content of documents in the eOPF should be directed to your servicing Human Resources Team.

*Note: You may receive eOPF emails from They are system generated notices informing you that documents have been added to your eOPF files.

User Instructions, Guides, and FAQs:

For EOPF ID and password assistance contact:
For system technical issues contact:   OPM EOPF Help Desk

Access the Employee Activity Guide for Labor Entry (EAGLE)

View, sign and submit timesheets. View leave balances.

DLA employees can provide employment verification right from their DLA workstation. The MyBiz+ Employment Verification Tool allows you to submit employment verifications to an external organization, such as a business or bank, via a secure Internet connection. Lenders do not have access to this information and cannot gain access to this information. The tool gives you complete control over who can receive and view this information.

To have an employment verification emailed to your lender or service provider, start by accessing your MyBiz+ account:

  • Log into the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) Portal at .
  • Select “Smart Card Log In.” If you have never registered your smart card, please use the instructions found in the DCPDS info block above.
  • If asked to “Choose Your Path,” click the purple block with “HR MyBiz+ DLA.”
  • Read and accept the Privacy Act Statement
  • Under Key Services, select “Request Employment Verification.”
  • Select your Information to Send, either “Employment Information” or “Employment and Salary Information.”
  • Enter recipient email address in the “To” field, and verify your work email address is correct in the “My Email” field. Click “Continue.”
  • Select "Continue" to "Acknowledge and Submit" to send your employment verification.
  • For extra security, you will receive an email with a Document Password. It is your responsibility to provide this password to the recipient to open the Employment Verification. 

Once you send this information and the pass code to the lender or potential employer, your verification is complete.

The MyBiz+ – Employment Verification tool is available from your workstation!

If you have questions about MyBiz+ or the Employment Verification tool please send an email to


The FEPAAS is used by employees and managers to account for DLA staff and overseas contractors and family members during an emergency such as a hurricane. DLA employees can use the system to review training materials and update emergency contact information. Supervisors may access the system to view employee contact information.

User Instructions and Guides:

User Guides (employees)

User Guides (supervisors)

Additional Information:

For FEPAAS assistance, contact:

Access the The GRB Platform   (CAC-protected, current DLA and DHA HR-serviced employees only.)

The GRB Platform is an automated, secure, self-service web application that allows DLA and DLA serviced employees to make health and life insurance changes, and contribution elections to the Thrift Savings Plan . It also displays comprehensive personal benefits information, calculates retirement estimates, and provides access to personal finance videos. 

User Instructions, Guides and Desk Guides

For benefits guidance and assistance, contact your servicing human resources team

For technical assistance, contact

DLA managers have several options for obtaining employee data in query and report form. Employee information originates from the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS), and there are two options for accessing information from the system. 

MyTeam: MyTeam is a DCPDS self-service application that is easy to access and use (via a CAC based login). Queries are established for personnel actions, personal and position data, awards, salary, and performance.

Standard and Ad-Hoc Reports: Recurring and one-time (ad-hoc) reports can be produced for organizations, including organizational listings.

For instructions and guides, see the DCPDS info block above.

Access the Learning Management System (LMS)

Portal to training and employee development.

Access MyBiz+ via the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS)

MyBiz+ is a self-service application that provides employees access to key human resources and benefit information to include a personnel action history with viewable ‘Notice of Personnel Action’ (SF-50) documents. It also allows for update of personal information such as emergency contacts, ethnicity codes, language skills, and education and training information.

MyBiz+ is also home to the ‘Employment Verification’ tool, which can be used to provide work history and salary information to lenders and other service providers.

DLA Employment Verification Instructions

MyTeam allows supervisors to view their employees relevant career and position information. It can also be used to locate employee address and emergency contact information. Supervisors not able to view an employee’s record within the ‘My Employee Information’ link should contact their servicing human resources team.

MyBiz+/MyTeam Links:

Questions or concerns using My Biz or MyTeam? For questions regarding personnel information found within MyBiz+/MyTeam, please contact your servicing Human Resources team. For technical issues, please email

My Biz and associated web pages are web-based tools created by the Department of Defense (DoD) as part of the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) to allow DoD personnel access to and management of their individual personnel records. The DoD MyBiz+ and associated tools can be accessed only by authorized DoD personnel within a .mil network. The DoD MyBiz+ tool has no association with any private or other enterprise using "MyBiz+" in whole or in part as a title or logo.

Access the Position Description Library

The Position Description Library allows supervisors, managers, and employees to search and view agency position descriptions (PDs). The application requires a DoD Common Access Card (CAC).

User Information:
For information about missing PDs or for questions about the contents of a position description, please contact your servicing Human Resources team.

For technical assistance, contact:  

Access the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)  

The TSP application allows you to monitor and manage your TSP account. View the program information on the website to learn more about TSP eligibility and benefits, or contact your servicing Human Resources team.

Changes to your contribution amount or percentage, can be made through the Government Retirement & Benefits (GRB) Platform, or by contact your servicing HR team.

User Information:
TSP Website Orientation

Make changes and updates to your benefits yourself!
The GRB Platform™

DLA uses USAJOBS , an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website , to post vacancy announcements.

User Instructions, Guides and References:
USAJobs Resource Center