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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Codification System (NCS)

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NATO Codification System
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NATO Codification System
NATO Codification System
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A reliable International Codification System to support Modern Logistics.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Codification System (NCS) is governed by the NATO Allied Committee
135 (AC/135) and is composed of representatives from each NATO and partner nation along with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), which is NATO's principal logistics support management agency. The AC/135 is committed to increased effectiveness and efficiency of global logistics systems and operations for participating nations and to provide the bridge necessary to facilitate global logistics operations.

The primary goal of the NCS is to ensure that military personnel deployed in an operational scenario can be assured of getting the right items to successfully complete their mission.

Logistics Information Services:

  • ​Assigns National Stock Numbers (NSN) and performs NSN maintenance for items of supply
  • Processes requests from the United States Military and civil agencies for assignment of foreign NSNs by other AC/135 partner nations
  • Custodian for a number of cataloging tools including the supply classification and Item Identification Guides (IIG) at:
  • Provides liaison and support services with cataloging processes and access to logistics data publications
    • ​FED LOG
    • PUB LOG

United States National Codification Bureau (NCB):

  • Serves as the U.S. NCB representative on the following groups: NATO AC/135's Main Group, Panel A, Budget and Strategic Planning Committee and Transformation Steering Working Group
  • Collaborates on NCS policy and procedure with AC/135 partner nations
  • Provides codification and liaison services for items produced by United States activities and AC/135 partner nations
  • Serves as the AC/135 representative at Federal Cataloging Commission (FCC) meetings to ensure communication on all aspects of cataloging and logistics, nationally and internationally
  • Assists nations with establishing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cases for cataloging services and logistics data publications

International Cataloging

How do I Get a National Stock Number or North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (NSN) stock number?

  • The term National Stock Number and NATO Stock Number are synonymous or the same
  • Assigned by a National Codification Bureau (NCB)
  • A government to government function; only government agencies can request an NSN assignment

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Customer Support:

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The DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) began servicing customers in 2009, with 315K contacts in 2017 leveraging technology to provide
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National Stock Number Cataloging
Logistics Information Services is responsible for creating and maintaining the National Stock Numbers (NSNs) utilized by the Department of Defense, other Federal Agencies, Civilian Agencies and International Allies. Cataloging serves as the foundation of the DOD supply chain, ensuring information is provided in a way that allows supported activities to easily understand and utilize information.

Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Process Management
The FLIS Process Management is responsible for facilitation of the creation, maintenance, dissemination, and viewing of National Stock Number data within the FLIS Portfolio Suite of Systems. The sharing of this data amongst DLA systems (FED LOG, WebFLIS, FedMall), DOD, Federal Agencies, and International Allies ensures data is available and actionable for military supply chains worldwide.

U.S. National Codification Bureau (NCB)
U.S. NCB - A member of NATO Allied Committee/135 and the National Codification System. The U.S. representative at NATO planning/codification meetings on logistics information matters. Our Mission: To facilitate the exchange of logistics information between multinational defense forces in support of U.S. and NATO missions.

NATO Codification System County Codes and NCS Code Chart
A complete listing of NCS nations that have been certified as being compliant with procedures is available in text or downloadable chart. The NCS chart illustrates NATO nations along with sponsored non-NATO nations.

Allied Committee 135 (AC/135)
The AC/135 provides participant Nations with a uniform NATO Codification System as the global reference standard for materiel identification, and as a key enabler to support NATO and multinational interoperability and harmonized logistic systems.

Allied Codification Publications; NATO Manual on Codification
This publication sets out the principles, responsibilities, procedures, forms and general guidance on the operation of the NATO Codification System.

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