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Brochure | May 31, 2022

Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS)

Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS) thumbnail
Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS)
Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS) thumbnail
Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS)
Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS)
Photo By: Connie Faber
VIRIN: 220531-D-OB526-7846

WebFLIS provides access to information essential for all logisticians - from engineers designing new weapons systems to property managers’ disposal of items. As a WebFLIS user, you will have access to the standard logistics information system in the Federal Government - the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS).

FLIS forms the foundation for all logistics information systems and data elements of the National Stock Number (NSN). It is the catalog of more than sixteen million (7.4M active) Supply Items. WebFLIS provides users with historical data on a NSN, both active and inactive. User’s find WebFLIS a resourceful tool when trying to identify older supply items in order to turn into DLA Disposition Services for the appropriate demilitarization.

WebFLIS information is used primarily by DLA, military services, United States Government Entities, international partners and sponsored contractors doing business for the U.S. Government. Users of WebFLIS must register through Account Management and Provisioning System or AMPS and must have one of the following: (1) DOD Common Access Card (CAC), (2) External Certificate Authority (ECA), (3) Federal Bridge Certificate Authority (FBCA), or (4) Personal Identity Verification (PIV).

One of the biggest benefits of WebFLIS is that it provides logistics information not just for DOD, but for the entire federal government. The system is updated multiple times a day, making WebFLIS information more current than what might be found on commercial websites. Logistics professionals rely on accurate information from official data sources to ensure warfighters have the supplies they need to complete their mission. The most common and safest tool to ensure warfighters have what they need when they need it is WebFLIS.

WebFLIS Highlights

  • Advanced Characteristics query
    • Item Name Code
    • Item Name Keyword(s)
    • Master Requirements Codes
    • Decoded Characteristics data
  • DLA managed Bill of Materials (BOM) and Sets Kits and Outfits (SKO) queries
    • BOM/SKO or Component NIIN
    • Filter by Service/Agency using a BOM/SKO and History Date
  • Weapon Systems query
    • Weapon System Designator Code
    • Weapon System Keyword(s)
    • Weapon System Essentiality Code
    • Weapon System Group Code
  • Multiple NIIN/NSN and multiple Part Number queries up to 500
  • Basic Characteristics and Medical queries are now in their own separate query tabs
  • Clear Text Summary View
    • Item Identification Data
    • Vendor and Part Number Data
    • Shipping and Handling Data

360° approach to Life Cycle Logistics

Customer Support:

DLA Customer Interaction Center
The DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) began servicing customers in 2009, Receiving 258K contacts annually, they leverage technology to provide
world class customer service geared towards logistics and supply needs. The CIC provides solutions to the Armed Services, Federal Agencies, State and local governments, government contractors, allied foreign military and the general public.

Logistics Operations (J314-T) offers comprehensive training and education on several DLA products and services. Many of our courses offer classroom instruction as well as delivery by Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT), Satellite/VTC Training, and Webinar.  Tailored courses are developed to meet individual service or agency needs.

Customer Outreach
Informing and delivering information regarding DLA Products and Services to the internal and external customer group. Utilizing Web, E-mail, and Face-to-Face engagement to represent DLA to high/mid-level, product user and private industry customers worldwide.

In coordination with the Military Services, Defense Agencies, and other Federal Government entities the DOD Demilitarization Coding Management Office ensures validation of the DEMIL code for every item of supply.

Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Process Management
The FLIS Process Management is responsible for facilitation of the creation, maintenance, dissemination, and viewing of National Stock Number data within the FLIS Portfolio Suite of Systems. The sharing of this data amongst DLA systems (FED LOG, WebFLIS, FedMALL), DOD, Federal Agencies, and International Allies ensures data is available and actionable for military supply chains worldwide.

Logistics Information Services – Electronic Reading Room
The Electronic Reading Room is a location where the public is able to download documents and data to assist in their logistics research. Files that can be downloaded include Public Logistics or PUB LOG to screen NSN data, CAGE code listings, decoded characteristics data, Master Cross Reference List (MCRL) and more. 

Logistics Applications - Acquisitions Products and Services:

DLA Map Catalog
Joint Certification Program (JCP)

DLA Customer Interaction Center (DLA CIC)

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Government holidays.
‘One Call Resolution’
Toll Free:   1-877-DLA-CALL (1-877-352-2255)
Local Commercial: 269-704-7921
Defense Switched Network (DSN):   xx-877-352-2255

For DLA System Access or Technical Issues please contact the DISA Global Service Desk at:
Toll Free: (844-347-2457) / DSN: 850-0032

Information Provided by Customer Engagement Branch J31CB: