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Support to the Whole of Government

Support Whole of Government Brochure image
Access To Support Whole of Government Brochure
Support Whole of Government Brochure image
Access To Support Whole of Government Brochure
Support Whole of Government Brochure
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Is there a need for a Whole of Government approach?

Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) global network and expertise in supply chain management can improve efficiency and increase effectiveness to our Whole of Government partners.

Collaboration ensures a healthy, viable base of suppliers able to surge when needed. Working alongside Whole of

Government partners in domestic and international operations, the Department of Defense and DLA strengthen their ability to serve national interests.

Federal and state government agencies continue to partner with DLA to identify solutions to reduce their overall costs while increasing the logistics scope in order to focus on readiness and core mission objectives.

Commodities and support available from DLA include, but are not limited to:

  • Subsistence (rations, food service equipment, fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy and bottled water)    
  • Medical (surgical, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment) 

  • Clothing and Textiles (tarps, cots, cold weather gear and clothing and individual equipment)    

  • Firefighting (personal protective items, hand tools, first aid and water handling)    

  • Construction Material (power poles, generators, barrier materials and wood)    

  • Flood-Fighting Material (sandbags, hoses, pumps and heavy equipment)    

  • Bulk Petroleum (fuels, oil, lubricants and natural gas)

DLA impacts their customers and nation every day. As the nation's combat logistics support agency. DLA manages a global supply chain-from raw materials to end user to disposition-for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, 10 combatant commands, other federal agencies and partner and allied nations.

DLA’s major responsibilities include:

1. Buy and/or contract commodities
2. Warehouse items
3. Distribute distinct consumable, expendable and repairable items

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE):

DLA has been a strategic interagency partner with the USACE, providing fuel and other commodities in support of catastrophic events. A formal agreement has been in place since 2014. Under the National Response Framework, DLA works the USACE supporting Public Works and Engineering, or under Public Law 84-89, Flood Control and Coastal Emergency Program requirements.

United States Coast Guard (USCG):

Since 2006, DLA has been a strategic interagency partner of the USCG managing their unique consumable items. An interagency agreement between DLA and the USCG was established to optimize DLA’s relationship and provide the Coast Guard access to the services the agency provides. Other agreements have since followed, illustrating DLA’s intent to be the Coast Guard’s supplier of choice.

DLA's Support to the U.S. Forest Service:

DLA helps civilian fi­re fighters through the Federal Excess Personal Property Program (FEPP) by allowing those with a firefighting mission to acquire equipment and supplies who assist with emergency services to the U.S. Forest Service. Additionally, Fire departments are able to obtain equipment they require at a lower cost than they might otherwise pay. DLA offers a special wildland fire equipment catalog where users can procure directly from FedMall. FedMall offers over 300 items. Please visit DLA’s FedMall webpage for details at:
For your designated state VFA/FEPP/FFP coordinator, please visit
Web URL: 

Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) 1033 Program:

The LESO team is dedicated to providing service to the Law Enforcement community by transferring excess equipment “from the Warfi­ghter to the Crime­fighter.” Under Section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act of FY97, the 1033 Program transfers excess military equipment to civilian law enforcement agencies. Government agencies whose primary function is the enforcement of applicable Federal, State and local laws with powers of arrest and apprehension are able to participate. As of 2014, 8,000 local law enforcement agencies have participated in the program that has transferred $5.1 billion in military material to law enforcement agencies.

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1122 Program:

The 1994 National Defense Authorization Act authorizes state and local governments to purchase counter-drug materials and equipment through the federal government. In 2009, Section 1122 of the 1994 NDAA was added. It expanded the program to included homeland security and emergency response operations. The 1122 Program enables state and local governments to take advantage of the discounts available to the federal government due to its large volume purchases. By using this program, state and local agencies are able to stretch their budget dollars when purchasing items used to support their counter drug, homeland security and emergency response operations. For more information or questions, E-mail:

Night Vision Loan Program:

Sponsored by Naval Surface Warfare Center, this program provides law enforcement agencies with a low-cost loan/maintenance alternative to the purchase of night vision equipment.

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DOD Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI):

The DPSI, under the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security, coordinates DOD e‑orts to identify, evaluate, deploy and transfer technology, items and equipment to Federal, state and local fi­rst responders. Through this Initiative, the DOD fulfi­lls Congress’ intent to support public safety and homeland security by leveraging taxpayer investments in defense technology and equipment. DPSI works with the first responder for the protection and preservation of life, property, evidence and the environment that provide immediate support services by allowing their organizations to obtain DOD equipment through loan, purchase or direct transfer.

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