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Brochure | Aug. 4, 2022

DLA Aviation Mapping Customer Operations

Thumbnail of brochure for Mapping Customer Operations (MCO)
Trifold Brochure thumbnail for Mapping Customer Operations (MCO)
Thumbnail of brochure for Mapping Customer Operations (MCO)
Trifold Brochure thumbnail for Mapping Customer Operations (MCO)
Thumbnail of brochure for Mapping Customer Operations (MCO)
Photo By: DLA Public Affairs
VIRIN: 220804-D-D0441-8000

About Mapping Customer Operations

Mapping Customer Operations (MCO) is responsible for the supply management of more than 150,000 National Stock Numbers in four federal supply classes--7641 (Aeronautical), 7642 (Hydrographic), 7643 (Topographic), and 7644 (Digital). We are the DLA lead for the Print on Demand (PoD) initiative for geospatial products and also offer printing services of unique products for our customers. All products are issued at no charge to the customer when ordered through DLA MCO, as we operate under appropriated funds. We ask that you order only products and quantities that you need. Products and descriptions include:

  • Aeronautical products display mapped features of the earth showing selected terrain, cultural and hydrographic features. Included is supplemental information for air navigation, pilotage and planning air operations.
  • Digital products consist of aeronautical, hydrographic and topographic products that have been replicated into CD-ROMs.
  • Hydrographic products show depths of water, nature and contours of bottom and coastlines, and tides and currents in a given sea or sea and land area.
  • Topographic products display vertical and horizontal positions of features in measurable form of locations, elevations, and extent of physical and cultural features.

DLA Distribution Mapping receives, stores, and ships many of the products managed by MCO. There are also nine forward presence DLA activities throughout the world to aid in timely deliveries to worldwide customers. Many are collocated with PoD facilities.

To receive products from MCO, you must have a valid Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC), Unit Identifier Code (UIC) or Federal Activity Address Code (FEDAAC), and a valid MCO Account on file within our database.

It is strongly suggested that you become familiar with the MCO ordering procedures before placing an order. It is also recommended that you order the DLA Map Catalog (CATCDNMCI NSN: 7644015433809) for available products. The online NIPR catalog is available for download on FEDMALL.

Special Programs

Mapping Customer Operations (MCO) and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) manage several special programs for the Armed Forces and Specified Commands which including the following:

  • Flight Information Publications Program
  • Fleet Allowance Program
  • Digital Point Position Database Program
  • U.S. Geological Survey Topo Maps
  • Foreign Military Sales Program

MCO Map Accounts

To obtain map products from Mapping Customer Operations (MCO), customers must first register in AMPS (Account Management Provisioning System) to gain access to MEBS (Mapping Enterprise Business System), which replaces the old RMF Customer Portal. In AMPS users will also establish a map account role. Please use the following link and complete accordingly: .

Once you have received your approval, log in to AMPS and request a role for MEBS. Follow the instructions to complete Customer Account Request and submit. You will receive email confirmation once approved. To access your account, log in to AMPS and select your MEBS role.

If you have any questions call MCO Account Management for help at DSN 695-6500, Option 2 or commercial 804-279-6500, or 1-800-826-0342 (toll free), Option 2. You may also contact us via email at

Routine Ordering

Mapping Customer Operations requires all DOD activities and federal agencies submit electronic orders via Military/ Federal Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP/FEDSTRIP) to DLA Transaction Services. Electronic ordering will allow customers to take advantage of their intra-service or agency logistics systems to perform validation edits on orders prior to submission. This will aid in eliminating many of the errors which cause rejection or cancellation.

The preferred methods for ordering:

Subscription/Auto Distribution (AD)

Mapping Customer Operations (MCO) has a subscription service that distributes new products and new editions as they are published to customers—with no ordering action initiated by the customer. Automatic Distribution (AD) can be obtained as follows.

  • MEBS – Subscription page
  • Written Request—sent on official letterhead to MCO Accounts Management Branch with following information:
    • DODAAC
    • NRN (NSN is optional)
    • quantity desired
    • valid commercial and DSN telephone numbers
    • Point of Contact
    • Point of Contact e-mail address
  • E-mail - Only Account Custodian or Alternate Custodian can submit an e-mail

Contact Us:

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customer/Crisis Support:
(804) 279-6500 or DSN 695-6500
(800) 826-0342 - Toll Free
Telefax:(804) 279-6510 or DSN 695-6510

Official Mailing Address:
Defense Logistics Agency
Aviation Mapping Customer Operations
6090 Strathmore Road
Richmond, VA 23237

Customer Management:

Product Management - Aeronautical:

Product Management - Digital:

Product Management - Hydrographic:

Product Management - Topographic:

MCO Website:

Defense Logistics Agency
Aviation Mapping Customer Operations
6090 Strathmore Road
Richmond, VA 23237

Toll Free: 800-826-0342
DSN: 695-6500
Fax: 804-279-6510 (DSN 695)