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Training | Feb. 7, 2022

WebFLIS - Federal Logistics Information System

General Information

The Federal Logistics Information System via the World Wide Web (WebFLIS) provides read only access to cataloging and supplier information on more than 16 million active and inactive supply items used by the United States (U.S.) Government and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies. WebFLIS is updated several times daily and provides historical, current, and future effective dated information.

WebFLIS allows users to search by National Stock Number/National Item Identification Number (NSN/NIIN), NSN History, Multiple NSN/NIINs; Part Number; CAGE Code; Company name and Part Number; Item Name Keyword; Item Name Code; Characteristics; Medical Searches; Weapons Systems; and (DLA managed) Bill of Materials for Sets, Kits and Outfits. Output views can be selected to zero in on the data elements you require.

Course Description

WebFLIS provides essential information about supply items including the NSN/NIIN, the item name, manufacturer and supplier (including part number and CAGE code), through a web interface connected to FLIS data. Users will learn how to navigate between several query tabs which include; Basic and Advanced Characteristic, Medical queries; Weapons Systems; and Bill of Materials/Sets, Kits and Outfits (DLA managed items). Students learn how to use select Output Views to further narrow searches. A WebFLIS account is required prior to attending the class in order to participate in the hands-on learning. 8 Hour Course.

Target Audience

DLA, military services, Other Government Agencies, and United States (U.S.) Government sponsored contractors doing business with the U.S. Government.

Delivery Methods

Classroom Instruction (8 Hours)
Webinar (2 Hours)

Contact us

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