Training | Feb. 7, 2022

FED LOG - Federal Logistics Data

General Information

FED LOG is a logistics information system that Logistics Information Services publishes monthly on a series of CD-ROMs or a single DVD-ROM. FED LOG is Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software that is designed to provide a portable media solution for transferring data to users in remote locations. FED LOG integrates multiple Department of Defense (DOD) databases into a single interface. FED LOG receives data from the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) and service-specific feeds to provide management, part number, supplier, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE), freight, Interchangeability and Substitutability (I&S), and characteristics information recorded against National Stock Numbers (NSN). FED LOG is a powerful tool used by engineering, technical research, provisioning, procurement, contracting, supply, maintenance, cataloging, distribution, storage, transportation, quality assurance, and disposal personnel to identify and search for data. These users rely on FED LOG to validate stock numbers and sources of supply and gather data required to create a requisition.

Course Description

FED LOG is a product that contains a three-prong research tool which includes The Interactive Application, Characteristics Search, and Batch Processing. Logistics data included in the FED LOG product is discussed in detail during the course. Data topics include Item Information, Vendor, Supplier, Freight and Characteristics, and other data recorded under NSNs. Students will receive in-depth information and demonstration, as well as hands-on practice with each of the three applications listed. FED LOG can be downloaded from FedMall. Users should download FED LOG prior to attending the class in order to participate in the hands-on learning. 8 Hour Course.

Target Audience

DLA, military services, Other Government Agencies, and United States (U.S.) Government sponsored contractors doing business with the U.S. Government.

Delivery Methods

Classroom Instruction (8 Hours)
Video Tele-Conference (VTC)

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