Training | Feb. 7, 2022

MEDALS - Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System

General Information

The Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS) is a web-based indexing system that provides the ability to locate engineering drawings throughout the Department of Defense (DOD) community. MEDALS serves as the central index for DOD technical data. While MEDALS does not contain digital images of the technical drawings, it does provide the location of the images. The drawings are warehoused, maintained, and distributed by image repositories throughout the United States (U.S.). The image repositories supply MEDALS with technical drawing indexing information which MEDALS, in turn, supplies to its customers. Using MEDALS ensures that the user has located ALL versions of the drawing at ALL locations.

Course Description

Provides a basic introduction to the MEDALS system. The student will learn the different methods of accessing MEDALS, how to sign on/off the system, who to contact when system problems arise, and what the various error messages mean. Within the MEDALS program, areas discussed will be Part Number, National Item Identification Number, Commercial and Government Entity Code, Document Number and Document Title information. Information on drawings will include repository information, file type formats, Electronic Data Order Request (EDOR), order page and order history. 3 Hour Course.

Target Audience

DLA, military services, Other Government Agencies, and U.S. Government sponsored contractors doing business with the U.S. Government who access MEDALS.

Delivery Methods

Classroom Instruction (3 Hours)
Computer-Based Training (CBT)
Web-Based Training (WBT)

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