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Over the past 50 years, DLA has provided America’s military with the full spectrum of logistics support and services needed to prevail, from food, fuel and energy to uniforms, medical supplies, spare parts and construction equipment. Through that support, DLA has grown into a logistics powerhouse, with an expertise and global reach capable of solving the most complex logistics challenges America faces in achieving its national security goals.

Given its reputation for success, more and more federal and state government agencies are partnering with DLA to identify solutions to reduce overall costs while increasing their logistics scope, leveraging DLA’s global capabilities in order to focus on their respective core mission objectives. For example:


  • Following Hurricane Isaac in 2012, DLA provided 2,138,000 meals and 1,853 gallons of diesel fuel to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Following Hurricane Sandy, DLA support included 6 million meals, 48 pallets of bottled water, 171,000 blankets and more than 9 million gallons of fuel for first responders.
  • DLA works closely with the Coast Guard to manage its unique consumables, saving the Department of Homeland Security millions of dollars in inventory and contracting costs.  
  • DLA works closely with several federal agencies providing warehousing and distribution services, reducing significant costs across the entire federal government.
  • DLA supports the U.S. Forest Service by managing the Wildland Fire Protection Program, overseeing more than 300 items and providing end to end supply chain support to more than 30,000 fire fighters across the country.  



Unless otherwise noted, phone number prefixes are as follows:
DSN: 392-767-XXXX
Commercial: 571-767-XXXX



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