Aircraft Turn-In

Ammunition Turn-In


Disposal Regulations
DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 126

Required Documents

Potentially Required Documents

DLA Disposition Services sites will not accept or receive live ammunition.

DLA Disposition Services will investigate and report the discovery of live small arms ammunition (SAA) or other military munitions that present an explosive hazard mixed with MDAS.

If a military munition other than small arms ammunition is discovered in MDAS, DLA Disposition Services will

  • Immediately notify local law enforcement to request DoD explosives ordnance disposal (EOD) support of an explosives or munitions emergency.
  • Follow the installation’s procedures for obtaining EOD support when operating as a tenant activity on a DoD military installation.

ESACC (brass)

Expended small arms cartridge cases (ESACC) are defined as spent cartridge cases 50 caliber and below from small arms ammunition used in live-fire training or testing and collected after use. Also referred to as brass, fired brass, fired cartridge cases, or fired cartridges.

DLA Disposition Services sites will only accept ESACC that is documented as material documented as safe (MDAS). ESACCs may be intact, crushed, shredded, or otherwise mutilated.

Generating activities may only transfer MDAS to DLA Disposition Service sites for disposition after inspection and certification as MDAS.

Generating activities will provide their servicing DLA Disposition Services site with a list of personnel who are qualified and authorized to document material as safe (i.e., MDAS). Include sample signatures on the list for each of the qualified and authorized personnel.

IAW DoDM 4160.21-V4, the generating activities are required to segregate intact ESACC by caliber, metal type, or plastic material. Refer to DoDM 4160.21-V4, Enclosure 3, Section 99 (MPPEH AND MATERIEL WHICH MAY PRESENT AN EXPLOSION HAZARD), paragraph 99.b.(2)(c).

ESACCs should be segregated and labled by the following categories:

  • D22: Small arms brass, .22 caliber expended cartridge cases
  • D30: Small arms brass, .30 caliber expended cartridge cases
  • D38: Small arms brass, .38 caliber expended cartridge cases
  • D3I: 12-gauge shotgun shells, expended
  • D45: Small arms brass, .45 caliber expended cartridge cases
  • D50: Small arms brass, .50 caliber expended cartridge cases
  • D5M: Small arms brass, 5.56 MM expended cartridge cases
  • D7M: Small arms brass, 7.62 MM expended cartridge cases
  • D9M: Small arms brass, 9.00 MM expended cartridge cases

Segregated ESACCs are to be turned-in under a Local Stock Number (LSN). Consult the LSN Master List for a complete listing of LSNs to choose from, including a list of brass scrap by sorted caliber.

For more information about MDAS, please visit the MPPEH page

Questions concerning ESACCs can be directed to the Disposition Services Receipt Branch