Computers Turn-In



Computer Disposal Regulations
DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 105

Required Documents

When transferring to DLA Disposition Services sites:

DoD IT equipment (including hard drives) will be reported to DLA Disposition Services sites for disposal in the same manner as all excess personal property. DoD activities are no longer required to report excess automatic data processing equipment to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).


ALL classification stickers and/or markings must be removed prior to turn-in to DLA Disposition Services.

Generating activities will specify that the hard drives comply with one of three DoD hard drive disposal processes: overwriting, degaussing, or destruction. DoD Components must comply with the labeling and internal documentation requirements.

The labeling requirements are for all hard drives whether installed in housings or removed from housings. The labels will be installed on the housing containing the hard drive or on the hard drive itself, if removed. Central Processing Unit (CPU) or hard drives, turned in to a DLA Disposition Services site, must have the DTID listed for each chassis on the DLA Form 2500 (or equivalent document). The chassis serial numbers must be entered on the 1348-1A/2.

The exception: If the hard drive is still left in the CPU, it is not necessary to list the serial number.


DLA Form 2500

DLA Disposition Services developed DLA Form 2500 "Hard Drive Certification Label," for its internal use that can also be used by the generating activities. The form provides complete information and is recommended for use. The labels must include:

  • When the hard drive is removed from the housing, include the serial number, make, and model of the hard drive. When the hard drive is still installed in the housing, include make, model, and serial number
  • Certification that overwriting, degaussing, or destruction was accomplished
  • If overwritten or degaussed, include the manufacturer and product version or approved metal destruction facility and method
  • Generator name, phone number, DTID number, printed name, rank/grade, signature, and date
  • .
  • For housings without hard drives, attach a label to each housing, indicating “hard drive removed.” DLA Form 2500 ncludes a block to check if the hard drive has been removed.

Hard drive sanitation is to be accomplished by overwriting or removal for equipment that is in serviceable condition or has reuse value when possible. Equipment that is degaussed or destroyed loses its useful life.

When degaussing or physical destruction is the disposal process, hard drives will be transferred to DLA Disposition Services sites as scrap and do not require a label to be affixed.




Blank 1348-A

 Blank 1348


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