Computers Turn-In

Mobile Devices

Mobile Communication and Media Devices

Mobile communication covers a wide array of devices and equipment. This category contains items that possess data storage capabilities, however are not classified as "computers". This category includes, but is not limited to cell phones, PDAs, smartphones, and tablets.

Unopened/factory-sealed devices

New devices (in unā€broken packaging) do not require labeling or certification. Property in its factory-sealed packaging should be processed as condition code A, annotated on the disposal documentation.

Used Devices

Devices no longer in their factory-sealed packaging are considered used. If possible, these devices should be reset to factory settings and/or otherwise wiped and cleared of all data .

NIST bulletin for media sanitization

Information Regarding Classified Property

Classified Media Destruction Guidance

Contains guidance and information relating to the disposal or recycling of media devices per NSA/CSS Policy Statement 9-12, "NSA/CSS Storage Device Sanitization". Information stored on these devices may range from UNCLASSIFIED to TOP SECRET and may include compartmented, sensitive, or limited-distribution material.

NSA Classified Materiel Conversion

NSA/CSS accomplishes disposition of classified materiel by using standard industrial conversion or approved destruction methods through numerous recycling and reclamation procedures in strict accordance with environmental, safety, and security standards.


Blank 1348-A

 Blank 1348


1348 Instructions