NBC Clothing Turn-In

NBC Clothing

Contact Info

To Request Disposition/Disposal send completed form to smblogcomjeap@usmc.mil

To request Combat Code “A” assets:    

To request Training Assets:    

Required Documents

JEFS (Joint Enterprise Fielding and Surveillance Office), formerly called JEAP (Joint Equipment Assessment Program) personnel should be contacted to resolve questions about the identity of CBRN-D/IPE property.

The generating activity is responsible for removal of filters, canisters, and filter systems prior to transfer to a DLA Disposition Services site. Protective masks will not be accepted with filters or canisters attached.

If filters or canisters are damaged or broken, the entire filter will be sealed in plastic wrap, to a thickness of 6.0 mil minimum, and the DLA Disposition Services sites will take accountability but not physical custody of this property.

The property will be coded DEMIL F on the DTID, and the generating activity will provide a copy of the DEMIL instructions furnished by the generating activity.

Step One: Check to see if your equipment is on this NIIN List to ensure it is an asset that can be accepted.

The Defense Accountability Reutilization and Disposal (DARD) will not accept any hazardous materials

Step Two: Fill out the Disposition Request Form Rev. Nov 13

Step Three: Email a copy of the filled out form to smblogcomjeap@usmc.mil. You will receive disposition authorization within 5 working days


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