Vehicles Turn-In



Vehicle Disposal Regulations

DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 179

Required Documents

Complete Military Service LTI Forms

  • Remove all waste/debris
  • Remove fire extinguishers and all fire suppression devices
  • Remove any extra or unnecessary parts that did not originally belong on the vehicle
  • Validate no ammo or ammo casings remain in the vehicle
  • Remove COMSEC/radios/antennas
  • Remove applicable license plates

An Inert Certification or MDAS Certification is required for vehicles used in combat, simulated combat training (live fire) or used on a firing range to certify no ammo/explosives are present in the vehicle.

Vehicles that have not been used in combat, simulated combat training (live fire), or on a firing range, do not require an Inert or MDAS certification but it is recommended. At minimum, if no MDAS or Inert Certification is provided, the turn-in activity must provide the clear text statement on the turn-in document: Vehicle does not require MDAS or INERT.

DEMIL-required vehicles may require certain DEMIL actions prior to turn-in to DLA Disposition Services in accordance with the DOD DEMIL Instruction 4160.28-M. A DEMIL Certificate may be required in such situations.

If turned in as usable or having reuse/sales potential

  • Do not remove batteries
  • Ensure gas tank is only a quarter full or less
  • FSG 23, 24, 38, and 39 vehicles with commercial application (Demil A or Q6) require a list and value of any major, missing (or reclaimed) components (i.e., engine, transmission, differential, wheels, axles, doors), which would impair the use of the vehicle, regardless of the other repairs that are necessary.
  • The vehicle maintenance record
Vehicles turned in as battle damaged, true scrap, or that have no reuse/sales potential require the following
  • Drain and Purge statement/certification attesting that ALL fluids have been drained and purged
  • Refrigerant Removal Verification Statement DLA Form 2545 (for removal of ozone depleting substances (ODS) i.e. Freon in air conditioners if present)
  • Removal of batteries (Disposition Services Locations cannot receive batteries)
  • If in contingency environment: Human remains certification, Mortuary letter signed by appropriate authority, Inert or MDAS Certification for MPPEH for ALL vehicle turn-ins




Blank 1348-A

 Blank 1348


1348 Instructions

DLA Form 1730

Army 2404

Army 5988-E


NAVMC 10284

Drain and Purge