Warehouse Management System

What is WMS?

The DLA Emblem with the text Defense Logistics Agency Warehouse Management SystemThe Warehouse Management System, consisting of the Extended Warehousing Module and Transportation Module, will help modernize the Distribution Standard System that DLA Distribution and DLA Disposition Services use to conduct warehousing, depot and transportation functions.

WMS uses commercial, off-the-shelf software and offers benefits ranging from improved productivity and streamlined processes to better achieve audit readiness and reporting capabilities between DLA and customers. Predictability and efficiency are also gained through automation tools such as robots that pick items off shelves and computer-controlled systems that automatically place and retrieve loads from storage locations in DLA warehouses.

DLA’s Enterprise Business System, a supply system, is Systems Applications and Products-based, and the new WMS will also be SAP-based. This will align two of DLA’s major operating systems on a single software platform, reducing complexities and streamlining processes.

Why is DLA transitioning to WMS?

DLA's goal is to simplify processes to reduce costs and improve performance.

DLA is transitioning to WMS is to raise the agency up to the industry standards for managing warehouses. Doing so allows our staff to accomplish daily tasks more efficiently and allows for more easily auditable functions.

The agency will tailor this commercial off-the-shelf product to best fit the specific needs of the agency. The intention is for warehouses to make use of tablets, scanners and portable printers to minimize the processing time required for turn-ins. Executing warehouse tasks easier and faster demonstrates DLA’s commitment to evolve and meet the needs of our warfighter as the agency continues serving as the nation’s combat logistics agency.

Upcoming WMS transitions

Learn more about specific WMS transition events by selecting the titles in the list below. Dates may be subject to change; please refer to this list for the latest information. To see prior events, use the calendar icon to the right to view projects by month or by week. View events specific to DLA Distribution or DLA Disposition Services using the Locations drop-down menu.
Event StartTitle
4/1/2024 11:00 AM Guam
5/1/2024 11:30 AM Sigonella, Italy
6/1/2024 8:00 AM San Diego, California
8/1/2024 11:30 AM Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9/1/2024 12:00 PM Warner Robins, Georgia
1/1/2025 12:00 PM Norfolk & Little Creek, Virginia
3/1/2025 8:00 AM San Joaquin, California
5/1/2025 12:00 PM Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
7/1/2025 12:30 PM Germersheim, Germany
8/1/2025 12:30 PM Richmond, Virginia
9/1/2025 12:30 PM Hill, Utah
9/1/2025 12:30 PM Korea

What to expect during a transition

During the brownout phase:

  • Sourcing: Longer lead times (off-island sourcing) as the DLA site will move to bottom of the DLA sourcing wheel to allow full burndown of WIP.
  • Transportation: DLA will not accept outbound shipments during brownout, except for real world / operational emergencies. Customers should plan to deliver material before or after the brownout.
  • PPP&M: DLA will not accept new work orders during brownout. Customers should plan to submit work orders before or after designated dates.

During the blackout phase:

  • All systems will be offline. Customers should plan to contact the ESOC by phone for any urgent requirements.

  • Requisitions will only be received via phone from the Customer Interaction Center, email from CIC, or bearer walkthrough.

  • DLA will process emergency transactions manually using continuity of operations procedures, and post-post in WMS after go-live

What's changing?

  • The look and feel of the system
  • Modernized equipment and infrastructure
  • Incorporation of wireless and mobile technologies
  • Movement to cloud hosting and a SAP-based system instead of COBOL-based system
  • More accessible information and abilities to drill down into transactional data
  • Fewer decisions needed with systematic storage logic
How will WMS affect me?

The transition to WMS should be transparent to DLA Distribution customers. DLA's Enterprise Business System, a supply system, is Systems Applications and Products-based and WMS will also be SAP-based. This will align two of DLA's major operating systems on a single software platform, reducing complexities and streamlining processes.

DLA customers can request access to the new WMS system  (this link requires a Common Access Card.

Through the implementation of WMS, DLA Disposition Services’ customers will experience brief periods of reduced operations. During these times RTD customers can continue to place requisitions for available property but those requisitions will sit in the queue until the site resumes full operability. Customers will be able to schedule appointments for pick-up once the site is back to normal operations. Turn-in customers will not be able to schedule appointments to drop off property. However, customers requesting transportation will still be supported during this timeframe.

Any property considered “on-inventory” during the period of reduced operations shall be afforded full RTD access through RTD web and is available for requisitioning. Sites will not experience in-person (walk-in) screenings during the periods of reduced operations. Once normal operations resume so too will each site’s onsite screening.

WMS news

Disposition Services | Jan. 10, 2024

Disposition Services completes CONUS transition to WMS

The final Disposition Services CONUS site goes live with the Warehouse Management System.

Disposition Services | Nov. 15, 2023

Anniston site discusses changes and challenges during Disposition Services Director visit

Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon recently conducted a crucial pre-Warehouse Management System site visit to Anniston, Alabama, November 8, 2023.

Enterprisewide | Sept. 4, 2023

DAISY to DSS to WMS: Shifting Systems at DLA Disposition Services Columbus

WMS will impact the Columbus field site in the way they think about their roles, and how they accomplish their tasks.

Enterprisewide | Aug. 30, 2023

DLA warehouse management system deploys in Bahrain

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Bahrain is the first DLA site outside the continental United States to deploy the new warehouse management system, and the first distribution center to go live a day earlier than planned.

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