The Strategic Plan emblem with five slices of a wheel representing military missionsStrategic Plan Lines of Effort

U.S. interests are global, and our logistics presence must address a dynamic security environment and posture for future contingencies. Our support must ensure victory against a trans-regional multi-domain threat in an increasingly complex global environment.

DLA has identified five lines of effort in this strategic plan to serve as our roadmap.



Warfighter First


Strengthen Service and CCMD Readiness and Lethality

Our number one priority is sustaining the full range of military operations in an increasingly complex global environment.








Support the DoD Nuclear Enterprise to ensure deterrence forces remain safe, secure, reliable and ready. Our adversaries increasingly present a nuclear threat. We will continue to strengthen support to the Nuclear Enterprise.






Link performance to service and CCMD readiness and lethality. DLA must be ready to support warfighters engaged in any possible operation while achieving the efficiencies our nation and customers expect. We will prioritize wargame and exercise participation, training, and realistic logistics scenarios that ensure we validate our Concepts of Operations.




Ensure readiness and lethality across the end-to-end supply chain by reducing risk, improving efficiency, and optimizing retail and industrial support. DLA will continue to address risk areas (operational, cyber security, terrorism, counterfeiting) across Major Subordinate Commands and improve supply chain resiliency and security.



Anticipate and position solutions for warfighter requirements by combining big data, predictive analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, sustained supply chain visibility and continuous communication.

Through employment of trend analysis and predictive algorithms, DLA is able to consistently predict and position the right logistics solution on time, every time.




Continually earn the warfighter’s trust as the nation’s combat logistics provider. DLA will make it fast and easy for warfighters to work with our agency by quickly understanding our customers’ current requirements and anticipating their future needs.





Provide responsive end-to-end supply chain support for the nation’s organically supported SE systems. DLA will identify and mitigate the ever-present and increasing multifaceted risks to our supply chains supporting the SE.

DLA will also recognize the critical importance of evolving “Space” requirements to our warfighting capabilities across the full spectrum of peace to conflict.



Reform DLA’s business practices for greater performance and affordability to cut costs and return savings to the military services to increase readiness.

DLA will continue to seek opportunities to institute meaningful, enduring change by working with our DoD, Whole of Government and Industry partners to streamline operations and deliver the best value possible.


A briefing in a warehouse



Working collaboratively with our service, Whole of Government and Industry partners, we will improve projections and reduce demand planning errors to increase service readiness and the buying power for the DoD and supported federal agencies.


A forklift moves a pallet of boxes into the back of a truck

Global Posture

Prepared for Immediate Action

DLA’s logistics presence and posture must enable the nation’s ability to protect its global interests. The speed and complexity of global crises require resilient networks, robust partnerships, and quickly integrated teams. We will position resources for rapid use, build more deployable capabilities, and strengthen our partnerships using integrated logistics and contracting services.

Strategically position DLA capabilities where the warfighter needs them most. DLA supports service members around the world by providing comprehensive logistics support and services, even in the most austere environments.

Ensure DLA regional commands, customer liaisons and CONUS-based organizations synchronize DLA capabilities with their supported CCMD and customers. We will resource, train and equip these vital teams for their essential role in presenting a single point of entry for all DLA support and services.

Exercise and deploy DLA Expeditionary Capabilities. We are highly deployable and always ready to meet missions in war and peace across the globe. We will sustain and extend the capabilities of our Rapid Deployment Teams, DLA Support Teams, Expeditionary Contracting Mission Support Teams, Deployable Depots, Disposal Support Units, and Mobile Communications Teams. DLA participates in joint training exercises to synchronize our joint logistics capabilities with U.S. Transportation Command and other key partners for real-world operations.

Expand the availability and use of logistics solutions to enable immediate action. DLA will use big data to provide accurate demand forecasts, stock levels and positioning to enable rapid responses to emerging military service and CCMD requirements. Our flexible, responsive contracting and global services contracts bring additional capability to the fight when conditions warrant.

Enhance the DLA Joint Reserve Force’s integration with DLA’s Expeditionary Capability and operations. Global operations include complex differences across cultural, language, regional and physical environments. DLA will integrate the Joint Reserve Force into all DLA expeditionary operations to capitalize on its members’ unique and diverse skills.

Strong Partnerships

Leverage the Joint Logistics Enterprise, Interagency, Industry, and Partner and Allied Nations

Mission accomplishment requires close collaboration and strong relationships with critical stakeholders: the Joint Logistics Enterprise, other government partners, suppliers and our allies. We must sustain our partnerships and synchronize our efforts with these entities to help DoD and the nation address immediate needs and long-term challenges.


Partner across the Joint Logistics Enterprise to improve support for current and emerging requirements. Basing our efforts in Joint Publication 4.0, we will strengthen our partnerships through engagement with JLEnt entities and cooperatively facilitate progress toward mutual goals, objectives, and expectations of our partners.

Collaborate with DoD and interagency partners to develop solutions that optimize DLA support to sustainment operations, government efficiency, support to major acquisition programs, business reform and policy objectives. Our focus on developing solutions and building relationships brings a full range of capabilities to the long-term, strategic goals of the U.S. government.

Work with industry to ensure a capable defense industrial base, generate innovative and efficient solutions, and maintain a secure and resilient supply chain. By building on our strong relationships with industry partners we’ll deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions. An agency supplier engagement plan will guide us. We will continuously assess the strength of our industrial capabilities and develop responses to vulnerabilities, reduce single points of failure and implement best practices.

Engage with public entities to increase understanding and awareness of DLA’s mission and operations. In collaboration with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, we will actively engage with Congress, advisory boards, public media, and other stakeholders to facilitate partnerships, raise awareness of DLA operations and highlight our contributions to the nation.

Whole of Government

Support to the Nation

DLA’s global network and expertise in supply chain management can improve efficiency and increase effectiveness of our Whole of Government partners. Collaboration ensures a healthy, viable base of suppliers able to surge when needed. Working alongside these Whole of Government partners in domestic and international operations, DoD and DLA strengthen their ability to serve national interests.


Strengthen the crisis-response and contingency operations of our Whole of Government partners. DLA team members plan, organize and train to mutually support swift interagency response by proactively engaging with federal, state and local organizations. Drawing on our extensive supply chain partnerships, we develop processes, actions and policies that enable agile, rapid responses.

Extend DLA capabilities to support daily operations of other government partners. While providing uninterrupted support to the warfighter we will offer our collective expertise, focusing on supply chains and services where DLA offers a unique advantage. Drawing upon our global network of command and control capabilities, suppliers and expertise, DLA will further extend its support to the Whole of Government.


Support interagency and DoD reform initiatives. DLA’s core competencies can offer the most cost-effective, efficient solutions to our Whole of Government partners. We will assess other agencies’ solutions for their value to the government and adopt solutions that enhance DLA’s warfighter support. We will actively participate in federal initiatives to eliminate duplication, capitalize on economies of scale and create additional category management opportunities for the DoD.

Always Accountable

Assured Supply Chain, Financial and Process Excellence

Trust and confidence in DLA is born from ethical behavior, reliability, and transparency. Cost-consciousness, auditability, innovation, risk assessment and mitigation, and sound business processes are the foundation of this trust. We hold partners and suppliers to the same high standards as ourselves. 



Reinforce a cost-conscious and process-oriented culture to ensure efficient, effective and reliable operations. We promote a cost-conscious culture through stewardship and informed investment decisions using sound business acumen. We will create and refine our business processes, emphasizing cyber security, supply chain management and improved supply availability. We will work together to ensure interoperability across business systems and share process improvements across the enterprise and with government and industry partners.

Attain and sustain auditability through process excellence and sound financial stewardship. DLA will achieve an unmodified financial statement audit opinion using thoroughly documented processes, automated tools and general controls that are secure and compliant. We will continue to document, evolve and test our processes to ensure we implement corrective actions and address deficiencies identified in the annual statement of assurance.



Innovate to achieve best-value logistics solutions. DLA always seeks opportunities to improve through process management and research and development. DLA works across the JLEnt to be more agile, adaptable and responsive to customer requirements. We are a change agent for logistics excellence in support of the nation’s strategic security objectives.


Strengthen risk management to ensure secure, agile and resilient combat logistics support. DLA thoroughly manages risks associated with alternatives to deliver world-class logistics support. We must pay special attention to cyber risks and data integrity across the entire supply chain.



Improve alignment of DLA financial procurement and operations processes to better capture total cost of goods and services. We will reduce rates and provide greater transparency to the warfighter and Whole of Government partners.


A top-down view from one plane refueling another midair