DLA Intelligence

DLA Intelligence Mission

DLA Intelligence provides enterprisewide agency policy, program, and worldwide operational support for the following programs: Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Special Security Office, Special Programs, Personnel Security, Information Security, Operations Security, Industrial Security, and Foreign Disclosure. It acts as the principal advisor to assist the director of DLA and their senior staff, as well as the commanders of DLA major subordinate commands on the development and implementation of agency intelligence and specified security policies and programs.


  • Direct the execution of the DLA Intelligence assigned mission and functions. Manage the execution of all aspects of intelligence, CI, security countermeasures, Special Programs, Sensitive Compartmented Information, INFOSEC, OPSEC, Industrial Security, Foreign Disclosure, and PERSEC program policies and procedures within DLA.
  • Formulate Agency Intelligence and Security policy and standards. Monitor and ensure compliance with all National, Federal, and DOD policies across the enterprise.
  • Serve as the Senior Intelligence Officer, the Functional Community Manager for Intelligence and the co-Functional Community Manager for Security for DLA, and the Senior Agency Official for INFOSEC, Special Programs, and PERSEC.
  • Conduct Security Program Reviews of HQ DLA and DLA MSCs for compliance with applicable statutes, policies, directives, and DOD issuances for all security programs under DI purview.
  • Serve as the single point of contact for all classified and sensitive support requested by the military services, other DOD components, executive branch agencies of the federal government, and non-DOD and federal departments and agencies. Serve as a voting member and executive secretary to the DLA Special Programs Council. Develop policies and procedures and implement DOD directives relating to Special Programs. Monitor and ensure compliance with the implementation of these policies and procedures. Serve as the Focal Point Program control officer and alternate for DLA.
  • Represent DLA on various federal and DOD meetings and working groups, including the DLA Special Programs Council, to establish policy and provide oversight to all DOD components and federal agencies involved in intelligence, security, and related programs.

Tips for family members

Families are an important part of the DLA team. This information is provided in order to give family members the resources to safely use social media. The safety of our families contributes to the success of the DLA mission. For additional information contact your local DLA Intelligence personnel.

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